The product dashboard is not only the starting point to access all of the RXNT products, but it also includes a number of account management tools for your practice.

Click on the product you'd like to access. It will open as a new tab on your browser.

If a product is already open, launching the product from the Dashboard will automatically take you to the tab you already have it opened in. This prevents data errors that can result from multiple tabs saving simultaneously.



Access account management options from the utilities icon in the upper right corner, including updating your password and viewing the audit log. 


From the Utilities menu you can accomplish the following tasks:


View your information and log out of RXNT from your profile. 



When something needs your attention, you'll notice a banner across the top of the screen. You can easily address the pending task by clicking the hyperlink in the banner. Banners will continue to display even if the popup notification is closed.

Here's an example:



You'll see notifications on the Dashboard for things like ID proofing, requesting your EPCS token,  payment issues, and more.

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