Patient documents CSV import

Patient documents CSV import

Load your new RXNT account with patient documents from your legacy system! RXNT offers a free document import with each new enrollment. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

Get started

Format your file

  • Click here to download the index file template.
  • Load your data elements into the template.
    • Copy the data into the respective columns in the template or import the data into the CSV file template.
  • The following fields are required:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Patient DOB
    • Actual Document File Name
  • Accepted document categories/types are as follows:
    • Advanced Directives
    • Consults
    • External CCR/CCD Documents
    • Imaging
    • Insurance Scan
    • Lab Results
    • Other
    • Patient Chart
    • Patient Consent
    • Patient Portal Documents
    • X-Rays

 RXNT uses values from the required fields to associate documents with the correct patients. When a patient cannot be linked using the required fields, a new patient will be created and the documents will be associated with the new patient. You can merge these patients at a later time. Learn more here

Compile documents

The accepted file formats for sending patient documents are doc, docx, pdf, zip, xls, jpg, gif, png, xml, tif, tiff.

Ensure all patient documents are in either one of the formats mentioned before sending them to RXNT.

Send files to RXNT

Once the index file is prepared, send the CSV file through the secure, HIPAA-compliant Send File tool that Practice Administrators can access from the RXNT Dashboard.

  • Log into RXNT and select Utilities in the upper right. Select Send File.


  • Click Choose Files.


  • Browse to the appropriate file, select it, and click Open to add it to the upload tool.
  • Add a description for the file (optional), and click Upload to send the file to our integration team who will be automatically notified and begin processing your import.


  • Uploaded files will appear in the Past Uploads list at the bottom of the screen.


To send patient documents securely, ask your Project Coordinator for an FTP account.

  • Login credentials will be sent once the technical team sets up an account.
  • Then, drop the patient documents here using the credentials provided to you.

Data Import

  • Patient documents will be imported into the RXNT system once the index file and patient documents are received.
  • The average time to get your patient documents into the RXNT system varies between a few days to 2 weeks depending on the file size.


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