Practice tasks

The tasks module is available to customers enrolled in Electronic Health Records, Billing, and/or Scheduling.

View tasks

Open tasks by clicking the icon on the messaging sidebar. An icon will indicate the number of notifications if there is a new task, mention, or comment related to a task assigned to you or your created task.


Tasks assigned to you or created by you will be displayed in the sidebar. A task that you were mentioned in will also be displayed. Unread or updated tasks will be bolded. If a task is overdue, the amount of time that has elapsed past the due date will appear on the task in red text.


Filter your tasks by selecting the arrow next to All. You can filter to see your assigned tasks, your mentions, or the tasks you created.


Complete a task

Complete a task by clicking the checkbox to the left of a task.



Create a new task

Click the + icon to create a new task. You can send a task to one person or you can @mention other staff in the comments of a task once it is created. 

You can also use the text bar at the top of the page to create a quick task. 


Add a task title, description, assignees, and due date if necessary. Click Add


Open and reply to a task

Click on a task to see the full detail. The due date will display when completing the task. 


Type in the text box to comment on a task, and click the arrow to send. You can also attach images or documents by clicking the paperclip. You can mention people by typing @ followed by the person's name.


Show completed tasks

You can view any completed tasks by clicking Show Completed below your list of tasks. Completed tasks will be sorted by the date completed, with the most recent at the top.


Click Hide Completed to hide completed tasks. 


Legacy tasks

If needed, you can access the legacy task feature from the EHR navigation bar. 

Legacy tasks.png

Frequently asked questions

Who can send me a task?

All providers and staff members from any location in your company can send a task. Corporate billing staff can also send a task if your practice uses a corporate billing office through RXNT.

Who can see my tasks?

Tasks that you have created or assigned to you. If you get mentioned on a task, you can see the task. Staff members, other providers, and corporate billing staff can't see any tasks that did not get sent or mentioned. 

What if I need to task a patient?

Patient messaging is available in the sidebar if enabled in your company preferences. Click here to learn more!

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