Access your practice subscriptions

 You must have the billing contact role in order to access subscriptions.

Billing contacts can access and manage practice subscriptions from the RXNT Dashboard. Log into RXNT and select Utilities in the upper right. Select Subscriptions.


Subscriptions will be shown with their name, details, current quantity, and renewal date.


Purchase additional licenses for an existing subscription

Click Buy More Licenses in the bottom right to purchase more licenses and add new providers to your RXNT account.


Click the + and - buttons to adjust the number of subscriptions you are purchasing. Note that you will need an EPCS subscription for each individual location where a provider will be using a token.


Click Continue to review the purchase.


Review the purchase and pricing details. Click Purchase to complete the order.


Sign up for more RXNT products and add-ons

RXNT products and add-ons

The following product and add-on offerings are currently available with RXNT:

  • Electronic Prescribing (eRx)
    • Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) 
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
    • Direct Email
    • Electronic Fax
    • Immunization Interface
    • Lab Interface
  • Scheduler
    • Eligibility Check (Note: this is only required as an add on if you are not enrolling with RXNT Practice Management where eligibility check is included automatically)
    • Patient Reminders
  • Practice Management (PM)
    • Print Statements
    • Print Claims
    • Patient Bill Pay

Add more products/add-ons

To add a product or add-on to your account, contact your RXNT Sales Representative. Or send an email to or call 800-943-7968, option 3.

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