Advanced Reporting

RXNT’s dynamic Advanced Reporting insights empower you to do more with your practice’s data through comprehensive insights and KPIs, enabling deeper understanding and more informed, data-driven decision-making. Each dashboard is interactive and can be filtered to view data through as wide or narrow a lens as you’d like.

RXNT's Advanced Reporting feature is exclusively accessible to practices with an advanced reporting subscription and corresponding licenses.

Don't have an Advanced Reporting subscription?

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The Advanced Reporting dashboards currently available are: 


The default time frame for each dashboard is set to the last six (6) months, allowing you to see trends over time. You can adjust the timeframe by selecting one of the readily available options, or by choosing a Custom range. All of the data on the dashboard will reflect the time frame selected here.

Select a timeframe.png


Each dashboard provides a variety of options to filter data. Click the dropdown to see all available filtering options.


Make a selection from the dropdown to see the data points available for each filter type.

All options will be selected by default, but you can select or deselect the data points to further filter the dashboard. For example, if you only wish to view data for one specific rendering provider and one specific place of service, you can deselect all other options and keep only those options checked. 

Deselect all.png

In addition to the filters on the left, many items within the graphs on the dashboards are interactive and can act as filters as well! Click on a particular data point on a graph to analyze it specifically. In doing so, the entire dashboard is filtered to reflect the specific data points selected. For example, clicking on the 07/2023 and 09/2023 bars in the graph below will compare those two months on the right, and the data on the rest of the dashboard will also reflect those two months.

Selecting three or more months will continue to compare the most recent two months. 

Clear filters

The Clear Filter option can be found at the top left corner of each chart when chart-level filters have been applied. You can select it at any time to restore the original view of the chart and remove the filters.


Many graphs within the dashboards have the ability to be downloaded as either a CSV or XLSX file, giving you the flexibility to view your data using software such as Excel or other spreadsheet applications. You can also download each graph as a PNG file. Click the download icon in the upper right corner of the graph to find these options.


For a more comprehensive view, click the download icon on the bottom right corner of the dashboard to download the entire dashboard as either a PDF or a PNG file. This offers an inclusive snapshot of all the displayed graphs, facilitating easy sharing, archiving, or presentation.

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