Advanced Reporting - Revenue Insights

The Revenue Insights dashboard provides a detailed breakdown and analysis of revenue-related data, including information on sources of revenue, billing trends, payment patterns, outstanding balances, and other key financial metrics that provide a comprehensive view of the revenue generated within a specific timeframe or across different categories.  

Viewing the dashboard

Click Reports.

Select All

Click Revenue Insights under the Advanced Reporting section. 

Understanding the dashboard


The dashboard is organized into eight (8) different tabs that allow you to view information in a variety of ways. Charges can be viewed based on different encounter criteria, including Initial Billed Date, Service Date, Batch Date, or Encounter Created Date, while payments can be viewed based on their Payment Date or Posted Date. Select the tab with the combination that best fits your needs.


In its default state, the dashboard will include information for the entire practice. However, the dashboard can be filtered by Rendering Provider, Places of Service, Billing Providers, Scheduling Providers, Financial Class Names, Payers, Billing Event types, or a combination of all listed filters. Click here to learn more about filtering Advanced Reports. 


Charges vs. payments


The Charges vs. Payments graph shows a side by side of total charges and payments for the timeframe selected, while the total charges and total payments boxes below show the sum for all charges and payments.


The monthly charges and monthly payments displayed below the graph compare performance over the most recent two months in the selected timeframe.


You can also select specific months in the Charges vs. Payments graph. For example, if you selected the timeframe of January 2023 to June 2023, you can compare March and April’s data specifically by clicking directly on the March and April bars on the graph. In doing so, the Monthly Charges and Monthly Payments boxes are now comparing those two months. Additionally, this selection filters the entire dashboard to solely show you information on March and April of 2023. To no longer compare those months, simply select “Clear Filter” in the top left of the graph. Click here to learn more about interacting with the graphs in Advanced Reporting.




The total encounters, net collection rate, and gross collection rate for the timeframe are displayed as well.

Payer mix


The Payer Mix - Charges graph provides a breakdown of each Payer’s charges for the timeframe, and their respective percentage of all charges for the timeframe, while the Payer Mix - Payments graph provides a breakdown of each Payer’s payments for the timeframe, and their respective percentage of all payments for the timeframe. These graphs are also interactive. Selecting a specific payer from the chart filters the entire dashboard to display information for that specific payer.

CPT codes

The CPT Codes graph shows you the CPT codes billed within the selected timeframe, along with how many times the CPT code was billed at the line item level.  Interact with the graph by selecting specific CPT codes to filter the entire dashboard for just those CPT codes.

Charges & payments by CPT code

The Charges & Payments by CPT Code graph displays a detailed analysis of the total charges and total payments for each CPT code billed in the timeframe. Interact with the graph by clicking on a specific CPT code charge or CPT Code payment to see data related to those charges or payments throughout the entire dashboard.

Note: The graph can be viewed in Group, Stacked, or 100% Stacked mode. 


Average charges & payments by CPT code

The Average Charges by CPT Code graph illustrates the average charge amount per CPT code billed within the selected timeframe. This graph can be used to identify patterns and trends related to the average charge amounts.  

The Average Payment by CPT Code graph provides the average payment amount per CPT code within the selected timeframe. This helps you identify which CPT codes have the highest and lowest average payments.

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