A recent Change Healthcare outage blocked connectivity for many of RXNT's core services. 

Connectivity service

Connectivity has been restored for the below services:

  • Claim Submission - RXNT has established claim submission connectivity through the Relay Exchange clearinghouse via Change Healthcare! Click here to access the current Payer List. 
    • No action is required to begin submitting claims to the Payers included on this Payer List
    • Important information regarding Payer enrollment:
      • Please refer to the “Exchange Claims and Remittance Payer List” when accessing the Payer List link.
      • All Payers currently included on the Payer List are dual enrolled. If you were enrolled with a Payer prior to the outage, you can ignore the Enrollment column for Payers listed with a "Y", as that enrollment has been transferred and there is no need to enroll again. 
      • Learn more about Payer IDs with Relay Exchange here!
  • Eligibility (Billing and Scheduler) - Eligibility is back online! Click here to access the current Payer List. We recommend leveraging payer portals or calling payers to check eligibility for any payers who have not yet reconnected to Change Healthcare after the outage. 
  • ERAs - ERA connectivity has been restored via Relay Exchange! Customers will begin receiving ERAs directly within RXNT for claims submitted through Relay Exchange. If you are expecting an ERA but do not see it within the Billing product:
    • Please ensure the correct CPID has been added in the Billing Utilities for the Payer. Click here to learn more!
    • Contact Customer Support
  • Sending Statements to the Printing Service

Connectivity has not been restored for the below services:

  • Trading Partner API.


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