Enhancement Request Process

How do I share my ideas for improving the RXNT software?

Suggestions for new functionality or improvements to existing functionality in our products are captured as enhancement ideas. Our team may open these on your behalf, or you can submit them directly through our Ideas portal

What can I do with my idea number?

An idea number generates automatically each time an idea is opened. You can use this idea number to reference your idea at any time and ask for an update.

Who reviews my idea?

Our Product Team reviews all enhancement ideas and assigns a status based on the number of customers requesting the enhancement, the impact of the enhancement, and other contributing factors.

When will my idea be added to the RXNT software?

The RXNT Product Team builds the enhancement roadmap for the upcoming year, looking at regulatory requirements, health IT industry changes, and assessing the impact of customer requests. The Product Team promotes ideas onto the roadmap using these criteria.

What does my idea status mean?

Needs Review
We received your idea, and our Product Team is assessing it. Ideas are reviewed within one week.
Under Consideration
We’ve received your idea, but it’s not currently part of our roadmap or an upcoming release. Each quarter, the Product Team actively reviews items in this status for possible promotion to “Feature Research.”
Feature Research
The Product Team has added this idea to the roadmap for the upcoming year and is actively gathering requirements for this idea, including outlining the functionality and creating the designs. The Product Team uses the information collected to establish the feature's priority and determine when this feature should be added to a release.
Added to Release
This idea is in development and will be available soon! Check out Coming Soon features for more information.
This idea has been implemented and is available in our product!
Already Exists
This idea is already a feature that RXNT offers. Our Customer Service Team can assist you with learning more about how to use it.
Unlikely to Implement
This is not currently a part of our product roadmap and is not likely to be implemented. The Customer Service Team can help you understand why this feature is unlikely to be added to RXNT.


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