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December 6th

Mobile Apps

Take a picture of a face sheet on the Charge Capture app

When adding a new patient on the Charge Capture app, a picture of the face sheet can be uploaded instead of entering all of the demographics. Click here to learn more!

Practice Management 

Indication of CHC time-out errors on the encounter/claims.

When the CHC timeout issues occur, the encounter will get sent to the Billed tab, and the associated claim will have the status "Errored" with the message "RXNT did not receive confirmation from ChangeHealthcare that this claim was received. Please resubmit this claim."
If we receive new status from Change Healthcare, the error and the status are removed and updated accordingly.

New claim-specific rule: “Send “NONE“ in Box 11 of the claim form and EDI.“

Use this rule to send “NONE“ in Box 11 of the claim form and in the EDI. 

November 29th

Electronic Health Records

Additional Restructure fields for USCDI

Update the "Medications" Column

  • PHR
  • Past Family Social History (PFSH)
  • Encounters
  • Encounter Intake Plugin

Added a field for capturing and displaying RxNorm codes for Medications.

Patient Demographics - EHR & PHR CCD

On the CCD, 'Previous Name' has been added as a field, 'Language' has been renamed 'Preferred Language', 'Sex' has been renamed 'Birth Sex', 'Contact' has been split into 'Address' and 'Phone Number'

Assessment and Plan of Treatment - CCD EHR & PHR

On the CCD, the 'Plan of Treatment(s)' section has been retitled 'Assessment and Plan of Treatment. 

Care Team Member(s) EHR & PHR CCD

On the CCD, Care Team Member(s) has been added as a section and will display the patient's Care Team Member list. 

Medication EHR & PHR CCD

On the CCD, RxNorm has now been added as a field under Medications. 

Allergies and Intolerances EHR and PHR CCD

On the CCD, Allergies and Intolerances has been added as a section with the following subsections: Allergy Description, Substance (Medication), Substance (Drug Class), Reaction, Reaction (SNOMED), Severity, and Date Added. 

Problems EHR & PHR CCD

On the CCD, under Problems the SNOMED codes section will now be clearly titled SNOMED, and ICD-10's have been added to the Problems list.

Immunizations EHR & PHR CCD

On the CCD, NDC and CVX codes will now be displayed for each Immunization. 

Laboratory EHR and PHR CCD

On the CCD, LOINC will now be displayed with the Laboratory Tests

Clinical Notes EHR and PHR CCD

On the CCD, Clinical Notes have been added as a section and will pull from the 'Note Type' dropdown of the Encounters.

Provenance of EHR and PHR CCD

On the CCD, the 'Author' section has been renamed Provenance with the following subsections: Author, Author Time, and Author Organization. These fields will fill with the details of whoever last made a change on the patient's profile: chart creation, any addition, or any deletion. 

Procedures EHR and PHR CCD

On the CCD, the title 'Code' has been added in front of the CPT, or HCPCS code. Also, SNOMED has been added as a field

Smoking Status EHR and PHR CCD

On the CCD, Smoking Status has been added as a section.

Unique Device Identifier(s) for a Patient's Implantable Device(s) - EHR and PHR CCD

On the CCD, Unique Device Identifier(s) for a Patient's Implantable Device(s) has been added as a section. 

Vitals EHR and PHR CCD

On the CCD, Vital Signs has been added to the CCD with the following subsections: Diastolic blood pressure, Blood pressure, Body height, Body weight, Heart rate, Respiratory rate, Body temperature, Pulse oximetry, Inhaled oxygen concentration, BMI percentile per age and sex for youth 2-20, Weight for age per length and sex, and Occipital-frontal circumference for children < 3 years old.

Retitle CCD Display Preference Setting and Rename and Add Elements to 'CCD Display Preference' List

The EHR 'CCD Display Preference Setting' has been retitled to 'Default CCD Preferences' and has been updated to match the USCDI elements. 

Create Pop-up Page for CCD Element Selection

  • View
  • Fax
  • Email 
  • Download

A new pop-up page has been added when generating a CCD document from the Chart Summary. This new page will now function as the control center for filtering PHI from the final CCD document, or attaching Encounters and Referrals to a CCD for an outbound Fax. 

Use updated stylesheet for human readable CCD and ensure the CCD file matches a gold standard reference data file

The CCD file has been updated in compliance with the updated stylesheet and now matches a gold standard reference data file that is required in measure 170.315(g)(6).

Rename Encounter Element to 'Assessment and Plan of Treatment' (Smart Forms)

On the Smart Forms, 'Plan' has been updated to 'Assessment and Plan of Treatment'. 

Update Patient Demographics - PHR Edit Profile

On the PHR 'Edit Profile' screen, 'Previous Name', 'Suffix', and 'Preferred Language' have been added as fields. In addition, 'Sex' has been renamed 'Birth Sex'.


November 22nd

Electronic Health Records

Additional Restructure fields for USCDI

Add Care Team Member List:

  • Care Team 
  • Add the Care Team Tab to the Patient Edit
  • Add and Edit New Care Team Member

A new patient profile section has been added to create a Care Team Member list for a patient. From this page, one can view, add, or edit a patient's Care Team. 


Update the "Allergies" Columns

  • Encounter 
  • Encounter Intake Plugin
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Past Family Social History (PFSH)
  • PHR

Under Allergies in the PHR and EHR, the RxNorm column will be retitled Substance (Medication). In addition, Substance (Drug Class) and Reaction SNOMED have been added as additional fields to house the relative SNOMED fields for the selected Allergy and Reaction. 

Update the "Procedures" Column

  • Patient Dashboard
  • Encounters Coding Tab

Added a field for capturing and displaying SNOMED codes for Procedures.  

November 15th

Electronic Health Records

Additional Restructure fields for USCDI

Update Vitals: 

  • Change Vital Graphs from Months

Vitals graphs will now show years on the x axis as opposed to months to give a more clear and easily interpretable view of the graph. 

  • Add new Vitals measurements (Smart Form) and Hide/Show Vitals based on Patient age

The new Vitals measures added which are only applicable based on age of patient will be hidden unless the patient is in the right age group. These measures are BMI Percentile, Head Circumference Percentile, and Weight for Length Percentile. These measures have also been added as inputs to smart forms with the Vitals plugin. 

Update "Problems" Column

  • Smoking Status-SNOMED codes are now visible for Smoking Status.
  • Problems (Patient Dashboard) 
  • Past Family Social History (PFSH)
  • Smart Forms 
  • PHR

 ICD-9 has been removed as a code option for Problems throughout the EHR and PHR. ICD-10 and SNOMED are now visible in every Problems section if they were not already.

Remove Redundant Fields from Encounter Pop-up

Patient name and patient age have been removed from the encounter creation pop-up, as they are already visible in the header of the patient chart. 

New Note Types: 

  • New Encounter
  • Edit Encounter
  • Note Type Options

Note Type has replaced Visit Type as a new field with new options to select. The previous Visit Type, 'Office', is still available on the backend of all the new Note Type options except for the 'Other Clinical Note' and 'Non-Clinical Note' which will contain the previous value of 'Other'.

Add Free Text Options to "Goals" 

Goals are now able to be added with free text in an encounter. 

November 16th

Practice Management

Angular 14 update

In Scheduler, the header is upgraded to  Angular 14. Upgrading to Angular 14 ensures that the underlying software is in the latest version, resulting in easier maintenance.

November 9th

Practice Management

New claim-specific rule: Send Service Facility location NPI in the EDI REF segment

Use this rule to send the service facility location NPI in loop 2310C, REF segment. The format in which the NPI is sent is as follows: REF*LU*Service Facility Location NPI-Location Number.

Color palette update on the Billing Dashboard

The underlying technology for the Billing dashboard is updated to the latest version (Angular14). This also resulted in updating the color palette to the latest colors.

November 4th

Electronic Health Records

Restructure fields for USCDI

New and replaced descriptions in the Add Encounter screen

When creating a new encounter or editing a draft, 'Visit Type' has been replaced with 'Note Type.' New options will appear from this dropdown menu in accordance with USCDI. The previous Visit Type option 'Office' will encompass all Note Type options except 'Other Clinical Note' and 'Non-Clinical Note.'

New Fields in the patient demographics

New fields have been added to the EHR patient demographic page, including Previous Name, Birth Sex, Current Address, and Previous Address. The arrangement of fields on this screen has been adjusted to accommodate these updates. 


New Vital measurement update for both patient dashboard and utilities

Updated Vital measures are being added, including Pulse Oximetry instead of O2, and Inhaled Oxygen, instead of FiO2.


New encounter and labs chart summary

New fields are being added to the Chart Summary, including Encounters and Lab Results, for expedited reviewing of a patient's chart.

November 2nd 

Practice Management

Attach documents to posted and unposted insurance payments

Documents can now be attached to both posted and unposted insurance payments. Simply click the "Attach Documents" button on any posted payment to attach documents associated with the payment. Click here to learn more! 

October 26th 

Practice Management

Edit posted insurance payment

Editing a posted payment amount provides a more efficient way for the user instead of reversing the entire payment to correct minor details. Click here to learn more!

Service dates in statements

Line item service dates will be displayed on the patient statements as it truly depicts the date on which the service was rendered. If the line item service dates are empty, then the encounter service dates will display on the statement. Click here to learn more!

Entire payment reversal 

RXNT now provides an option to reverse the entire payment without having to reverse individual payments associated with an encounter. This option is extremely useful when trying to reverse an entire ERA payment or when a payment is associated with multiple encounters. Click here to learn more!

Patient dashboard updates

The Run Date column is added to the "Statements" section of the patient dashboard next to the "Statement #" column. This column displays the date on which the statement was initially generated. 

The Encounter Balance column is added to the "Encounters" section of the patient dashboard next to the "Encounter Status" column. This column will give you the encounter balance at a quick glance rather than having to click each encounter to find out the balance. Click here to learn more

Cash-Basis Aging Report Encounter Date Type update

Created Date is added as an option to the Encounter Date type drop-down. Using this option will filter and age all the charges that fall within the created date range. Click here to learn more!

Appointment/Availability screen scroll updates

RXNT's enhanced scroll functionality on the Appointment and Availability screens allows you to schedule appointments/availability at any time of the day without missing important details. This means that you can scroll through the calendar without scrolling down the page.

If you're using a trackpad, move your fingers between the top and bottom of your touchpad to scroll up and down the calendar.

If you're using a mouse, move your cursor to the middle of the screen and scroll up/down.

September 21st

Practice Management

Insurance Payment Reversal

Quickly create insurance payment reversals from within the encounter. Click here to learn more!

Allow negative payments in the Payment Amount field

A negative payment amount can be entered in the Payment Amount field of the new insurance payment pop-up.

September 7th

Practice Management

Claim specific rule - Send "99" in Box 19 for the procedure code G2172

Claim specific rule "Send Demonstration Project Identifier in Box 19" is updated to "Send "99" in Box 19 for the procedure code G2172". This claim specific rule sends code 99 in Box 19 if procedure code G2172 is in the encounter. Changes will be sent in the claim form and in the EDI.

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