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January 26th

Consent Forms on the RXNT Check-In App

Patients can now sign consent forms on the RXNT Check-In app. Click here to learn more!

January 18th 


Patients now have access to view their health information and more in the iOS App Store, and Android Google Play! Click here to learn more! 

January 11th

Electronic Prior Authorization (EPA), Redesign!

The EPA redesign will help to streamline the process of submitting prior authorization requests for patient prescriptions. Click here to learn more!

December 28th 

Billing Address Notification

Billing contacts for customers with no billing address on file will get prompted to enter the address upon logging into RXNT to avoid disruption in service. Click here to learn more! 

December 21st

Prevent multiple Users from editing the same encounter

Only one user can have a given encounter open in edit mode at a time. If a second user attempts to open the encounter, they'll receive a notification with the name of the user currently editing it. There is no limit to the number of users who can view the encounter PDF. Click here to learn more!

Flexible Statements Cycle

Providers can generate statements on demand, this is in addition to the statement generation cycles that they configured for their practice. There is a new Generate Statements button on the Statements Queue screen for generating statements on demand. Click here to learn more! 

December 15th

Cash-Base Aging Report

The Cash-Basis Aging Report is an accurate representation of cash flow in your practice. This report ties into your bank account and the Activity Report to provide true aging as of a period in time. The flexibility of this report allows you to filter and age data in a way that is most suitable to your practice’s needs. You can also drill down to see the total charges, payments, and adjustments contributing to the aging. Click here to learn more!

December 7th

Messaging Staff & Colleagues from the sidebar

Users within a practice or corporate company will be able to message each other 'chat-style' from the sidebar. Messaging will be available to all customers with a corporate account, an EHR subscription, or a PM subscription (not available to ePrescribing only customers). Messaging can be between two users or a group of users. Click here to learn more! 

November 17th

Create, view appointment screen, and Add Notes

There is no longer the need to navigate to a separate screen to add notes. Click here to learn more!

November 10th

Electronic Health Records

Check-in from the Patient Portal

Our brand new check-in workflow from the PHR ensures that your practice receives all consent forms, intake forms, and patient payments prior to their appointment. Patients can check-in for their appointment on the same day and they will automatically be prompted to complete all outstanding actions. The appointment status updates automatically, saving time for your front desk and providers. Click here to learn more!

October 26th

Improved Creating a Short Key

Hot Key will be changed to Key, and Phrase will be changed to Name so that these fields are more clearly identified. Click here to learn more!

October 12th

Improved prescription dashboard

See more information on-screen with the updated look and feel on the prescription dashboard. Click here to learn more!

September 21st

Electronic Health Records

Patient Portal Coupon Library

Patients can search for medication coupons right from the RXNT patient portal. Empower your patients to save money on their medications without extra work for your providers! Click here to learn more!

September 1st

Product Dashboard

Sidebar Dock Feature

A new sidebar will show on the right side of our products. Launch the Help and Support menus from the sidebar. You'll be able to access all of the functionality you're used to using, with in-app self-help and customer support ready to assist when you need it. Click here to learn more!

August 24th

Product Dashboard

Quickly find your open tab

Launching a product from the RXNT Dashboard will automatically take you to the tab you already have open. No more searching for the correct tab! This feature will also prevent data errors that can result from multiple tabs saving simultaneously. Click here to learn more!

Electronic Health Records

Save "All Groups" settings with encounter dashboard favorites

Favorite filters on the encounter dashboard will now include the All Groups settings. Automatically see all locations, simply by switching favorite filters. Click here to learn more!

August 18th

Electronic Health Records

New header in the patient health records portal

Our Patient Portal has an improved header that will let your patients quickly find what they need. Click here to learn more!

Edit encounters in full-screen view

Expand your patient encounter to full screen, maximizing the amount of information you can see at one time. Click here to learn more!

August 10th

Product Dashboard

Deactivate providers

Easily deactivate providers and open up licenses on your RXNT subscription. Click here to learn more!

July 27th

Mobile app

update

Our updated sign-in screen makes it easier to access RXNT's mobile app! Click here to learn more!

June 29th

Electronic Health Records

Prescription change requests

Change requests from pharmacies are now included on the Pharmacy Requests tab on the provider dashboard. Click here to learn more!

Standalone Medication Reconciliation

RXNT's Medication Reconciliation product has a new and enhanced look. Click here to learn more!

Mobile app

Prescription change requests

Change requests from pharmacies are now included on the Pharmacy Requests tab on the mobile app. Click here to learn more!



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