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April 7th

Electronic Health Records

Streamlined encounter release

Prevent errors when releasing encounters to billing by choosing which diagnosis codes should be associated with the claim. Click here to learn more!

Practice Management

Copy line item modifiers and diagnosis codes.

The Copy last encounter feature on the encounter screen will copy the line item modifiers and diagnosis codes as well. Click here to learn more!

Bulk change appointment statuses

In Scheduler, statuses of multiple appointments can be quickly updated, avoiding the manual effort to update appointment statuses individually. Click here to learn more!

Improved corporate header 

The corporate company's name will appear on the corporate billing and scheduling dashboard header and the corporate client company's name will appear on the corporate client company header to help you quickly identify the company you're logged into. Click here to learn more!

The corporate names will continue to display within the avatar as they did before.

Mobile Apps

Print prescriptions

You can now print prescriptions from the RXNT mobile apps. Click here to learn more!

March 24th

Practice Management

Indicate deleted payments in the payment receipts table.

If any payment is deleted after a payment receipt is generated in Scheduler, the associated record in Scheduler will be grayed out to clearly indicate that the associated payment was deleted. Click here to learn more!

March 23rd

Electronic Health Records

Quick-select for recent procedures

When searching in the Smart Forms procedures plugin, your five most recently used procedures will be shown, giving you quick access to add these procedures. Click here to learn more!

March 10th

Practice Management

Split claims

Save time and effort by quickly creating multiple claims from a single encounter. This greatly reduces the manual effort in continuously creating multiple claims with the same or similar encounter information. Click here to learn more.

L6 codes: ERA

The system will automatically process  L6 codes received in an ERA. Miscellaneous payments are created for the L6 codes in the corresponding insurance payment for the patient.

Collect smaller co-pays

Patients can now make partial payments to their co-pay. This provides patients the flexibility to pay amounts they are comfortable with until the entire amount is paid. Click here to learn more.

March 9th

Electronic Health Records

Delete multiple encounters with one click

When selecting encounters that are able to be deleted, you'll notice a new bulk action at the top of the encounter grid. Now, you can delete multiple encounters at once, saving time. Click here to learn more!

Easily search for and add procedure codes to encounters

We've moved the CPT code search to the top of the procedures plugin. This allows you to skip a step and go right to searching for the code you need. Click here to learn more!


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