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January 27th

Improved Reconciliation report

The Reconciliation report will display all appointments that were released as encounters and not be based on the provider associated with the appointments or encounter. Before this enhancement, if the provider that creates an appointment in Scheduler is not the same as the provider that releases the encounter in EHR, the record would not appear in the Reconciliation report. Click here to learn more!.

New columns in the payment reports

The following columns will be added to the Insurance Payment report and Patient Payment report:

  • Place Of Service
  • Adjustment Code

Click here to learn more!

Miscellaneous charges displayed along with the procedure codes.

The miscellaneous transaction codes will be displayed along with procedure codes in the Procedure Code column of the encounter tabs (Unbilled, Ready to Send, and Billed).

January 13th

Practice Management

Improved claim cancellation

Currently, when claims are canceled in the billing system only claim statuses are updated but claims are not canceled at CHC or payer.
With this feature, the following options will be provided whenever "Cancel Claim" is clicked: 

  • Update claim status only: This is the current functionality.
  • Cancel with resubmission code 8: This option updates the claim status and sends the same claim with resubmission code 8 to the payer. This will notify the payer that all associated claims are canceled and there will be no active claim.

Click here to learn more!

Retain screen filters after sending or saving a claim

Screen filters applied on any tabs of the Claims screen (sorting or filtering a column) will be retained after sending or saving a claim. Click here to learn more!

Add Procedure Code column to the Transaction Journal report

A new column called Procedure Code is added to the Transaction Journal report Encounter tab to quickly associate the encounter with the procedure codes. 

Add Account Number to the filter search

The Account Number field is added to the filter search to quickly search for patients based on the associated account number. 

Display notes on the availability block

Any note entered in the availability block can be quickly seen by hovering over the availability block. 

Notes will also be visible on the Availability Calendar (day view) print. Click here to learn more.

January 12th


PIN validation for EPCS Tokens

A PIN must be validated before a provider can request a token for E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances. To validate your PIN, you must confirm that you have your verified phone number or that you live at your verified address. Click here to learn more!

Mobile Apps

Filter prescriptions by provider

Manage your lists of prescriptions on the mobile app by filtering them by provider. Click here to learn more!

Appointment time clock on the iOS app

Easily enter the appointment time on the Scheduling app using the time clock. Click here to learn more!

Hospice app updates

A number of enhancements are being added to the RXNT Hospice app. Click here to learn more!

Electronic Health Records

Download Quality Measures report data

Download QRDA files from the 2020 Quality Measures report to upload data directly to CMS for incentive programs. Click here to learn more!

January 5th

Electronic Health Records

New simplified workflow for multi-signature encounters

Smart Form encounters that require more than one signature will no longer need to be signed using the Signatures tab within the encounter form. Simply click on the Sign button, just like in single-signature encounters! Click here to learn more!

Review status for partially signed encounters

Clearly see what stage an encounter is in. Multi-signature encounters that have one signature - but not all of the signatures - will show a status of "Review" to indicate that they are no longer in "Draft" but they are not yet "Signed." Click here to learn more!

December 30th

Practice Management

Bringing uniformity to appointment cancellations

When an appointment needs to be canceled for any reason, you can quickly do so by changing the appointment status. Once the appointment status is updated, all associated actions are automatically handled by the system. Till now, only "Canceled" appointment status triggered the cancellation actions. This enhancement will ensure that the following appointment statuses trigger the cancellation actions:

  • Deleted
  • Discontinued
  • Canceled by Provider
  • Late Cancellation

Click here to learn more!

Enhancements to the diagnosis codes and procedure codes screen for improving system performance

These changes are being done to improve the system performance.

  • Stay on the page on which favorite is created.
  • Warning pop-up: If you de-select the "Only favorite records" checkbox and then click "Search" without entering search criteria, a warning pop-up is shown asking you to enter 1 or more search criteria.
  • Search results will be returned based on the order of data entry in the CPT code and description fields. 

December 16th

Practice Management

Reminders based on material resources

Send patient reminders based on the material resource linked to the appointments to easily communicate important information to a specific group of patients, when needed. Click here to learn more!

Improved Transaction Journal report 

  • Manually credited or debited patient funds will be displayed in the Patient Payments tab of the Transaction Journal report to quickly give an idea of the total patient payments made in the selected time frame.  A new option is also provided to view patient payments without double-counting system created patient funds. Click here to learn more!

December 15th


New client login URL

The URL for the client login page is changing. Click here to learn more!

Electronic Health Records

Preview encounters without editing

Open encounters in preview mode to prevent changes to the associated provider and patient details. Click here to learn more!

New 2020 quality measures and promoting interoperability reports

Generate scores for 2020 quality measures and promoting interoperability for MIPS and Medicaid. Click here to learn more!


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