Advanced Reporting - Rejection Insights

The Rejection Insights dashboard provides actionable insights to enhance claim processes, minimize rejections, and boost practice performance. Tailor the dashboard to your needs by leveraging a variety of filters on the left side. RXNT's Advanced Reporting feature is exclusively accessible to practices and users with an Advanced Reporting license. Learn more about Advanced Reporting licenses here!

Claims are retrieved based on the Claim Created Date.


Utilize the dropdown menu in the filter box to search for, select, and filter by multiple items across a variety of categories, such as Procedure Code, Place of Service, and Payer.

Sum of Rejected Dollars 

This section displays the total dollar amount of claims that were rejected within the specified timeframe and selected filters. 

Top Rejection Reasons by Entity 

This section lists the top (up to ten) rejections for each entity, indicating the number of occurrences and rank. This section is not tied to any filters and will always display the top rejections.

Top Payers by Sum of Rejected Dollar Amounts 

This section provides a breakdown of the payers with the highest rejections sorted by charge amount.

Rejected Dollar Amounts (Monthly) 

This section displays the trend of rejected dollar amounts over time based on the charge amount.

Rejected Dollar Amounts by Entity

This section provides a breakdown of rejected dollar amounts, grouped by entity.

Rejected Dollar Amounts by Billing Provider

This section provides a breakdown of rejected dollar amounts, grouped by billing provider. 

Additional information

Each graph within the dashboard has the ability to be downloaded as either a CSV or XLSX file, giving you the flexibility to view your data using software such as Excel or other spreadsheet applications. You can also download each graph as a PNG file. Click the download icon in the upper right corner of the graph to find these options. For a more comprehensive view, click the download icon on the bottom right corner of the dashboard to download the entire dashboard as either a PDF or a PNG file. This offers an inclusive snapshot of all the data displayed. 


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