Creating Patient Funds

Patient Funds can be created in a few different ways.

1) Users can post a patient payment to an individual patient, without allocating funds to specific line items or dates of service. This will automatically post funds to the patient's fund account.

2) If a patient paid a specific amount, then the payer states the patient portion should have been less. RXNT will automatically create a Patient Fund for you.

3) Users can click Menu and select patient funds.


Search the patient name (the patient will only populate if the patient has had a Patient Fund Prior. If they have not, the user will select "New Patient Fund", and then add the patient).

Select the green plus sign at the Patient Fund Details.Screen_Shot_2021-06-07_at_1.55.03_PM.png

Here, enter the patient fund details. Select the Transaction Type and enter the Amount.


Enter the Payment Type.


Enter the Payment #.


Enter the Payment Date. This is a mandatory field to ensure that correct information is displayed on the reports.


Click on Save.


Apply Patient Funds

Option 1

Select Menu and Patient Funds


Search for and select the patient's name and select the patient's name.


Select Apply Funds.


RXNT will automatically open a new patient payment with that patient's name, the fund amount that the patient has to be allocated, and "Patient Fund" as the method of payment. You can allocate the funds to the date of service and line items needed. Finally, select Save and Post.


Option 2

Select Patient Payment from the blue bar at the top of the screen.


Select New Payment from the top right of the screen.


Search the patient's name from the pop-up box.


On the left of the screen, enter the amount of fund that needs to be allocated in the "Amount" box. Select Patient Fund as the method of payment. Allocate the funds to the date of service and line items needed. Finally, select Save and Post.


Additional Information:

  • Manually added patient funds will not appear in the patient payment report or the patient payment screen. In order to get the patient funds into the report or the transaction screen, add the patient fund as a patient payment by not assigning it to a line item(s). For example, create a patient payment with a $50 payment amount and do not assign it to any encounter/line item. 
  • When printing a statement, you may notice that a patient has a fund/credit on their account. This will need to be applied prior to sending the patient statement. To do this, select the fund amount shown on the statement screen, and follow the steps in Option 2. Once the fund has been allocated, you can go back to the statement screen and select the Update Statement icon to generate a new, accurate statement for the patient.


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