Refund patient funds created due to overpayments

Here, a patient fund credit is created due to posting a payment amount higher than the amount assigned to the line items.


If this amount needs to be refunded, follow the steps below.

Navigate to the patient's dashboard.



Click PF



Click the patient's name



Click the + sign


Add a debit for the same amount for which the patient fund was initially created.




Add the same payment number as the original payment and enter a payment date on which debit is being made.


Refund manual patient funds

Let's say a patient fund was manually added into the system.


Create a patient fund debit with the same amount and enter a payment date on which debit is being made.


Impact on the reports

The patient refunds will be visible on the following reports:

  • Revenue Report
  • Transaction Journal Report

Revenue Report

Navigate to the Revenue Report.


Ensure the correct date is selected for the Patient Funds.



Click Save to Queue



Click on the generated Revenue Report from the Report Queue Inbox.


Click the Include Unposted Payments checkbox.



Click the + icon on the top to show the details of payments that are not assigned to a line item. This section will include the total patient fund credit and debit.



The balance associated with the Patient Funds row, shows the difference between the total patient fund credits and debits. The Payment Amount is the total patient fund credits and the Posted Amount is the total patient fund debits. This includes any patient funds credited manually, debited manually and debited through a patient payment. But it does not include patient funds created through patient overpayments. This is done to avoid double counting of the payment amount when combining the numbers from the upper and lower grids.



Any patient fund credited through a patient payment overpayment is included in the payment amount in the bottom grid. For example: If you're posting $900 but have assigned only $600 of it to line items, then the payment amount will be displayed as $900 and posted amount will be displayed as $600. And the $300 credited as patient funds will not be displayed on the upper grid to avoid double counting.

Hence, the total payment amount collected for a specific date range will be the sum of total patient fund credits, debits and the payment amount in the bottom grid.


Transaction Journal Report

Run a Transaction Journal Report


Navigate to the Patient Funds tab.


Here, you can see all the patient fund credits and debits.



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