Advanced Reporting - RVUs

Explore your practice’s productivity and performance by reviewing and comparing RVU data through a dynamic dashboard. This tool allows you to analyze RVU data based on various factors such as Service Date, Rendering Provider, Location, and more, providing valuable insights into your practice’s operations and efficiency. RXNT's Advanced Reporting feature is exclusively accessible to practices with the advanced reporting license. To learn more about Advanced Reporting licenses here!

RVU data within this dashboard is available from 2021 through 2024. Attempting to view data for dates beyond this range will not return RVU data information. 

RVUs Dashboard

The dashboard is organized into four (4) different tabs that allow you to view information in a variety of ways. Charges and associated RVUs can be viewed based on different encounter criteria, including Initial Billed Date, Service Date, Batch Date, or Encounter Created Date.  Select the tab that best fits your needs.


Using filters enhances data exploration, analysis capabilities, and decision-making processes by providing focus, customization, and quick access to relevant data subsets. 

Utilize the dropdown menu in the filter box to select and filter by multiple items including Rendering Provider, Place of Service, and CPT Code.  Use the Search field within the menu to search for and select specific parameters. 


This represents the total work RVUs performed within the specified timeframe, considering any filters that have been selected. 

Charges and Associated Work RVUs

This section provides a comprehensive list of all charges and their associated charge information for the specified timeframe, along with the applicable work RVU. 

Monthly Work RVUs by Rendering Provider 

This section provides a breakdown of the total monthly work RVUs performed by each Rendering Provider. 

Work RVUs by Rendering Provider % 

This section provides a breakdown of monthly work RVUs performed by the rendering provider as a percentage of the total work RVUs performed.  

Work RVUs by CPT Code and Rendering Provider 

This grouped table breaks down the work RVUs performed as well as the average work RVUs performed, grouped first by CPT code, then by rendering provider. The table includes charges and average charges as well. Use the three dots to expand all or collapse all. 

Additional Information

Each graph within the dashboard has the ability to be downloaded as either a CSV or XLSX file, giving you the flexibility to view your data using software such as Excel or other spreadsheet applications. You can also download each graph as a PNG file. Click the download icon in the upper right corner of the graph to find these options. For a more comprehensive view, click the download icon on the bottom right corner of the dashboard to download the entire dashboard as either a PDF or a PNG file. This offers an inclusive snapshot of all the data displayed. 


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