Access company preferences

Practice administrators can update the company preferences for your RXNT account. Access company preferences by selecting  Utilities from the main dashboard.


Choose Company Preferences.






What are the company's preference options?

Allow Patients to Schedule Appointments through the Patient Portal

This setting affects how patients can schedule their appointments through the patient health records portal (PHR). Setting this option to "OFF" only allows patients to message your practice about appointments by selecting up to three day and time preferences. This does not give patients access to choose a particular calendar slot.


Setting this option to "ON" allows patients to view slot openings in the appointment calendar based on their selected appointment type. Patients have the option of booking an appointment directly on the appointment calendar.


Email Notifications for Patients with Patient Portal

This setting indicates whether patients will receive email notifications for status changes to their appointments. Setting this option to "ON" notifies patients via email each time there is a status change to their appointment.

Notifications will only be sent to patients who have been set up for the PHR and who have logged in and activated their PHR account. Setting this option to "OFF" will disable this feature and patients will not be notified of any appointment status changes.



Email Notifications for Patients without a Patient Portal

This setting allows email notifications to be sent to patients with a scheduled appointment, regardless of whether they are accessing the patient portal.

A patient must have an email address associated with their demographics in order to use this feature.

When this is set to "ON" and an appointment is scheduled for a patient, practice staff will have an option to Send Email in the appointment pop-up.


Click Send Email to notify the patient of their scheduled appointment.


Default Batch Date

This setting allows billers to default the encounter batch date to the current date.

When this option is set to "ON" the batch date for billing encounters will be the current date when new encounters are created in the billing product.


Show Procedure Macros in EHR

 This option is only available to users enrolled in both EHR and Biling with RXNT.

When this is set to "ON", encounters in the EHR with the Procedures plugin will include a dropdown option for Procedure Macro.


Enable Appointment Request

This setting allows practices to disable both appointment request and appointment schedule in the Patient Health Records (PHR) portal.

When this option is set to "OFF" patients will still see an option for Schedule Appointment. When a patient clicks this option, they will be directed to contact the practice directly to set up an appointment.


Allow Patient Messaging

This setting allows practices to enable or disable patient messaging from the Patient Health Records (PHR) portal.

When this option is set to "OFF" patients will not have the option to message directly from the PHR.


Enable Information Blocking Exceptions

Starting on March 7th, 2023, Enable information Blocking Exception: Providers can hide EHI from a patient's portal under Company Preferences. It falls under the 'Preventing Harm' Information Blocking Exception. Be sure to click Update after making any changes to the company preferences.


'Information Blocking Exception Tools' is now available. All signed encounters and EHR patient documents will be visible on the patient portal on 4/4. Any encounters or patient documents that should be blocked from the patient portal under the 'Preventing Harm Information Blocking Exception' should be blocked before 4/4. In addition, EHI listed under USCDI v1 can now be blocked from the patient portal if it falls under the 'Preventing Harm Exception'.

In the chart summary on the patient's dashboard,  clicking directly on the eye icon provides an alert.


The alert notifies you by clicking this checkbox, you approve the information will be viewable by the patient in RXNT's patient portal. 



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