Our Patient Health Records (PHR) portal has useful features that let you navigate quickly to the information you need.


Action items

The top left of your dashboard includes items that require your attention. This includes:

  • Consent forms
  • Intake forms
  • Pending appointments
  • Rx Savings

The number next to the item indicates how many there are. Click on an item to navigate to that section of the PHR.


Your upcoming appointments are displayed in the upper right section of the dashboard. Quickly see the appointment date and time, location, and provider information.

Hover over the location information icon to see the address of your provider's office.


Your current medications are shown in the bottom left section of the dashboard. Your provider may not have prescribed all of these medications, this list shows what your provider has on file that you are taking.

Click the chevron icon on any medication to see additional dosage information.

If a coupon is available, you'll see an orange coupon icon to the right of the medication. Click on the coupon icon to see the coupon details and apply the savings at your pharmacy.


The bottom right section of the dashboard includes quick actions:

Navigation Bar

Find everything at a glance and check out different sections of the PHR. 

Click the RXNT logo to get back to the Dashboard quickly.

Profile View


Click on your avatar to view your account information, update your demographics profile, and sign out of your PHR account.


This will display for representative accounts only. 

Quickly see who you're viewing health records for, right from the header next to the avatar.


Click the gear to access Settings.


Patients and their representatives will receive health-related notifications when important updates are available with the option to customize notification preferences at any time.

Once in settings, click Notifications to update preferences. Use the top toggle button to opt out or in for all notifications, or, customize preferences by text message or email. These notifications inform patients and their representatives of:

  • New consent forms
  • New intake forms
  • Test results
  • Newly scheduled appointments
  • Prescriptions that have been sent to the pharmacy

Pt Notification Screen.png

If you wish to opt in to health-related text messages and do not have a cellphone number on file, you will receive a message informing you to add a cellphone number to your patient profile.

Pt Notification Screen without Phone Number.png

If you wish to opt back in to previously opted out text message notifications, log into your PHR and follow the instructions in the notification settings. A message will display providing a unique phone number to text 'START' to. 


Terms and conditions

Access the terms and conditions and privacy policy you accepted during registration in the utilities section.

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Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) can be exchanged between different computer systems regardless of how it is stored in those systems. 


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