Schedule and Check In For Your Appointment

Your provider must be using RXNT Scheduling in order for you to check into your appointment from the patient portal.

Schedule appointment

Begin by navigating to the Appointment tab on your portal dashboard. 


Upcoming appointments are displayed here. Click Schedule Appointment


Select the location, provider, and appointment type. A list of appointments will be displayed for you to choose from. Select the desired appointment type and then click Schedule


You will see a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen.

image (8).png

The appointment will be displayed as an upcoming appointment.


Reschedule appointment

Navigate to the Appointments tab. 


Click Reschedule next to the appointment you need to reschedule.


Click Yes on the notification pop-up asking if you are sure you want to reschedule your appointment.


Review the location, provider, and appointment type. Select your desired time and click Schedule.


Start check-in

On the Appointments page, click Check In to the right of the appointment you have scheduled today.

You can only check into an appointment on the day it's scheduled for.


Sign consent forms

You will automatically be prompted with any unsigned consent forms. Check the agreement to sign electronically and type your name in the text box.


Click Sign.


Complete intake forms

Once you have signed all consent forms, you will be prompted to complete any outstanding intake forms. Fill in your information and click Submit at the bottom of the form.


Pay balance

If your provider is enrolled with payment processing and you have an outstanding balance, you'll be redirected to the online bill pay page to make a payment on your account.

Learn more about bill pay.

Launch your appointment

Once you've completed all forms, you'll be checked in for your appointment. If your appointment is for a telehealth visit, click Launch Appointment to launch it directly from your patient portal account.


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