Beginning February 28th, 2024, patients will experience a new look and feel when browsing and utilizing our prescription-saving options to ensure a clear understanding of how to activate and apply prescription savings.

Browse all coupons

Log in to the patient portal and click More in the header. Then select Coupons to see the RXNT coupon library.


The library will include a list of all medications with available coupons, sorted alphabetically by the medication name.


Click on a letter in the top bar to see only medications that begin with that letter.


Search by medication name

Type in the search bar to find a specific medication.

If you're not sure how to spell a medication, try searching by part of the name, or use the letter bar.


View coupon details

Click on the medication name to see what coupons are available.


Click the coupon card to see the details.

Some coupons require activation before they can be applied at the pharmacy.



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