EHR Today's Appointments

Appointments and filters

Today's appointments are what come over from RXNT Scheduling Solutions. 

Click Today's Appointments on the left side of the screen.



This will display all of the appointments scheduled for the day. From here, you can easily click on the patient's name to enter it into their patient dashboard. 


Columns settings

In order to add or remove certain columns from your Today's Appointments View, click columns


Use the grid buttons to reorder the displayed columns. 


You can uncheck certain columns if you want to remove them from your view. 


Add encounter and encounter #

If an encounter has already been started, click the encounter number to open it. To start a new encounter, click +. 


Setting filters 

Click Filters to organize Today's Appointments by the provider, location, appointment time, and other variables. 


Saving favorite filters

Once you have set all of the correct filters, you can save it as a favorite by clicking Favorites.


Click the Save icon to enter a Name for this filter and click Save.


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