EHR Today's Appointments

For clients enrolled in the EHR and Scheduling applications, today's appointments flow to the EHR from Scheduling. 

Today's Appointments 

Click Today's Appointments from the main menu header.

Today's Appt tab.png

This window hosts two tabs titled Individual Appointments and Group Appointments, each displaying all appointments for the current day within each category. The window defaults to the Individual Appointments tab.

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Customize your grid


To manage the columns in your Today's Appointments View, click Columns


Using the grid icon buttons, drag columns to your desired order. 


Deselect columns to remove them from your grid. 



Click Filters to organize Today's Appointments by the provider, location, appointment time, and other variables. 



Once you have set your columns and filters, click Favorites to save your view, allowing you to easily access the same view in the future.


Click the Save icon to enter a Name for this view, then click Save.


Individual appointments

The window defaults to the Individual Appointments tab.

Individual appta.png

Click on a patients name hyperlink to navigate directly to their dashboard.

Patient name hyperlink individual.png


Once the patient's appointment status is changed to Check-In Completed in the Scheduling application, begin an encounter directly from this window. Click the blue + within the Add Encounter column to start the encounter.

Add encounter individual.png

If you don't see the blue +, the patient may not be checked in for their appointment. Use the refresh icon to load the latest updates.

Refresh icon individual.png

If an encounter has already been started for this visit, click the number hyperlink within the Encounter # column to open it.

encoutner number individual.png

Group appointments

Available Wednesday, June 19th, 2024.

Access group appointments created in Scheduling to create encounters and enter notes for individual patients in the group and the group as a whole. Click here to learn more about creating group appointments in the Scheduling application (coming soon).

From the Today's Appointments window, click the Group Appointments tab.

Group Appts tab.png

All group appointments scheduled for the current day are displayed in the grid. 

All group appts shown.png

Double click a row or select the caret icon to expand the appointment details.

group, caret outlined.png

View all patients attending the appointment. Click on a patient's name hyperlink to navigate to their dashboard. 

group, members expanded.png

Telehealth appointment?

Click Join within the Visit Link column to launch the visit.

group join button.png


Enter group and individual notes and create an encounter for each patient in the group.

Scroll to the right of the grid and select the blue + within the Add Encounter column to start the encounter.

group plus signs.png

Is the + sign inactive?

The ability to add an encounter to the group is enabled 10 minutes prior to the appointment start time. 

group, plus sign not enabled yet.png

Within the Group Appointment Notes window, the Group Appointment Details display the the top. 

Details include:

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Duration
  4. Provider(s)
  5. Location
  6. Appointment Type
  7. Group participants including Patient Name, DOB, Phone Number and Appointment Status

group details outlined.png

Click the blue - to remove a patient from the appointment.

group minus buttons.png

Scroll down to customize your encounter(s).

Select your Encounter Group FormMacro and Note Type (Macro not required). The Encounter Date will default to the current day, however, edit this field if necessary by clicking the Calendar icon.

Select the Psychotherapy Note checkbox to block this encounter from the patient's view in their portal. Click here to learn more about information blocking.

group encounter customization.png

Continue scrolling to complete the encounter notes. First, complete the Shared Note which will be included in each participant's individual encounter.

group shared note.png

Complete the Individual Notes for each participant.

group individual notes.png

Click Remove to remove a patient from the group appointment.

group remove buttons.png

When you're finished with the notes, click Save Changes. 

The notes are automatically saved every 60 seconds. The date and timestamp indicates when the last save occurred.

group aave.png

Once the group notes are complete, click Create Encounters to create the individual encounters for each patient in the group.

group create encounters.png

The encounter is now available for each patient within Encounters from the patient dashboard.

encounter in chart.png

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