Group appointments can be scheduled for multiple patients. Scheduling group appointments can streamline the process for providers managing multiple patients with similar needs or for coordinating family appointments. It saves time by allowing simultaneous scheduling and ensures that all relevant parties are booked at the same time, reducing potential scheduling conflicts. Additionally, it can enhance patient satisfaction by offering convenience and facilitating coordinated care for groups or patients with shared healthcare requirements. 

Scheduling group appointments

Begin by, navigating to the appointment tab to set up group appointments.  

Click the desired appointment time on the Calendar

Select the Group Appointment tab. 

Search for patients using their Last Name, First Name, Chart #, or Date of Birth, and then click Search

The top section displays a list of patient search results. Click on the Blue+ to add the patient. 

The selected patients will be displayed in the Selected Patients section below. 

Patients can be removed by clicking the blue -.

Click Next

The full name and case information of the selected patients will be shown. 

If the patient has only one case, their case information will be displayed automatically. Otherwise, select the desired case from the dropdown menu.  

If the patient doesn’t have an existing case, click the Add Case button to create a new case. 

To remove a patient, click the Trashcan icon. 

To include more patients, click Add Patient

Review or edit the Appointment Date information as needed. 

Input the Appointment Details.

The Status is determined by adding up the individual statuses of the patients, it will show as Booked and will change to Check-In Completed once all patients have been checked in. 

To attach Patient Forms, navigate to the Consent Forms or Intake Forms tabs, then select the form from the dropdown menu.

Click Submit

Appointment calendar

After submitting the group appointment, you can differentiate between single and group appointments. Group appointments will feature an icon on the top-left corner of the appointment.

When hovering over the appointment, a popup will appear, showing the group appointment details and a list of all the selected patients for the group appointment.

Click on the appointment to access and modify the group appointment details. 

The appointment displays the Group Appointment ID and its current Status.

The first patient is always selected by default, indicated by the blue background. When selected, their details will be shown in the Patient Details section. 

To see details for other patients, click on their names.

Click the icon in the Check-In section to update the appointment group status to Check-In Completed.

The group appointment status will not update to Check-In Completed until all patients are checked in. 

To remove a patient click the Trashcan icon. 

To include a patient click the Add Patient button. 

Patients cannot be added within ten minutes of the appointment start time. 

To email all patients, click the Send Email button.

Click the Send Email button in the Patient Details section to email individual patients. 

To cancel the appointment, click the Cancel icon. This action will cancel all patients in the group appointment and update the status to Canceled. 

To delete the group appointment, click the Trashcan icon. 

To change the group appointment’s schedule, click the Reschedule icon. 

To modify the group appointment information, click the Edit icon. 

To include the next group appointment, click the Schedule Next Appointment icon. 

Click the Bulk Check Out to check out all patients in the group appointment simultaneously. 

The Patient Dashboard will display both single and group appointments. 

Group appointments can be transferred, but the appointment status will remain the same. 

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