Navigating the Scheduler Product

The new and enhanced look has many useful features that allow you to quickly navigate through the product to get the information that you need. 

Let's get you acquainted!

Patient search

Patient quick search

Type some or all of the patient's first and/or last name. Then hit enter (or click the search icon) to quickly find patients.


Patient filtered search

Narrow patient results with the filtered search and quickly tab through and enter the criteria for the patient then hit enter (or click search) to find the right patient account.



If only one patient matches your criteria, you will be navigated directly to the patient's dashboard. Otherwise, you will be asked to select the correct patient prior to accessing the patient's dashboard. 


Add a patient



RXNT's new look boasts a slightly different layout based on the most used aspects of the solution and completely replaces the old menu. Find all you need with one glance with easy access to each of the following modules: 

  • Appointments
  • Availability
  • Reminders
  • Reports
  • Patient Requests: We have renamed the Messages tab to clearly indicate the functionality of the tab.



View your information and log out of RXNT from your Profile. 


Corporate logins

For RXNT's corporate users, click here to learn more about the new corporate Scheduler look. 

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