Enrollment Troubleshooting and FAQs

Why is a copy of my DEA license needed?

We're required by the DEA to keep a copy on file for all prescribers who will be using EPCS with RXNT. This also allows us to manually verify licenses in case the automatic validation checks cannot be completed.

Why is my signature needed?

We attach an image of your signature to your RXNT account. This is the signature that appears on electronically signed prescriptions and/or patient encounters.

Why won't my signature/DEA upload?

The file size may be larger than the 1 MB limit for upload. Try re-saving the file as a .jpeg, this typically reduces the size and allows the upload to process.

Why am I not receiving a verification PIN to access my account?

The PIN for account access is sent to the cell phone number that is associated with your RXNT account. Your account may have been set up with an incorrect cell phone number, or with a number that isn't able to receive text messages. Contact RXNT to update the cell phone number on file for your account. You can reach our team at enrollments@rxnt.com or 800-943-7968, option 1.

How do I get more attempts if I failed identity verification?

Please contact our token support team at enrollments@rxnt.com or 800-943-7968, option 1.

Why is my account "unverified"?

There are a few reasons as to why an account is not yet verified within the system. If you've recently completed enrollment of your practice or a provider, our enrollment team may still be working on completing your database and account setup. This process typically takes two to three business days and includes database setup, account setup, and project coordinator assignment. Once setup is complete, your assigned project coordinator will get in touch with your point-of-contact directly to complete your implementation.

If you already have an assigned project coordinator who has been in touch with you, you're probably unverified because your implementation is still in progress. Your account will remain unverified until you complete training and implementation activities. This may include activities such as setting up your billing system, completing one-time ID proofing for EPCS, and training on the products you are enrolled in. Your project coordinator will verify your account as soon as all of the necessary activities are completed.

Why didn't I get a token email?

Our token team processes and provisions tokens within one business day of your request. If you are expecting a token for your EPCS subscription, you must complete the following steps before we can provision your token:
  1. Complete one-time identity proofing
  2. Request your EPCS hard and/or soft token

If you've completed these steps and haven't received your token email within one business day, please contact our token team at tokensupport@rxnt.com or 800-943-7968, option 1.

Where is my token?

You will receive your soft token via email within one business day of requesting it. Hard tokens are provisioned within one business day of the request and are shipped within two business days. Hard tokens are shipped via UPS and typically arrive within three to five business days.

Why can't I send a controlled substance?

To send a controlled substance, the DEA requires two-factor authentication with an EPCS token. Complete the following steps to link an EPCS token to the provider account:
  1. Enroll with a subscription for EPCS
  2. Complete one-time identity proofing
  3. Request your EPCS hard and/or soft token
  4. Receive and activate your EPCS token(s)

Once you have received and activated your EPCS token, you can begin sending controlled substance prescriptions within 60 minutes.

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