Identity verification is done via and must be completed by all providers that have access to the eRx or EHR products within RXNT. 

If you need assistance with any portion of the verification, reach out to for assistance

Access ID proofing

Log into the RXNT system and click Complete your ID verification at the top of the screen.


Click Verify with 


If you already have an account, sign in with your existing account. Otherwise, click Create an account. Learn more about creating an account.

Create an account or sign in.png

Complete multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Providers using EPCS must use push notification as their MFA. Learn more about setting up push notification for MFA.

Next, select to upload your driver's license, passport, or passport card.

Upload documents.png

Consent to collecting your personal information by checking the box.


Enter your cell phone number to take a picture of your document and to take a selfie.

Take photos of document.png

A text will be sent to your phone with a link to take a picture of your document.

Waiting for photos.png

After tapping the link on your phone, tap Start document upload.

Start document upload.png

Tap the area of the screen to take photos of the front and back of the document.

Take photos with your phone.png

Click Submit your photos.

Back photo done.png


You'll then be prompted to take a video selfie. Once complete, return to the desktop screen and enter your social security number.

RXNT does not store social security numbers.


Next, will verify your medical information. Click, Begin.

Medical screen.png

Enter your NPI and DEA number. More than one DEA number can be entered if necessary, or an institutional DEA number can be entered.

Enter NPI and DEA.png

Finally, authorize to send your verified information to RXNT by clicking Allow.

Authorize RXNT (caps issue).png

The screen will automatically refresh back to RXNT and you will be taken to the screen to request your token. Learn more about identity verification with

Request EPCS token

Click Select your token to choose your token(s).


You can choose a hard token, soft token, or both for EPCS. Click Request Token. Tokens are issued within one business day from the request.


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