Corporate Dashboard overview

The corporate dashboard allows you to quickly and easily access RXNT products for your clients. When you log into RXNT with your corporate account, you will be able to:

  • Access the Billing and Scheduling products for your clients
  • Access the Corporate Billing and Corporate Scheduling products
  • Manage invoices, subscriptions, and providers from your client dashboard
  • Add new clients

Access all corporate company products

To access the Billing or Scheduling products for your clients, select the client from your client list, and select the product you want to access. The client's product will open in a new tab on your browser.

Click here to access your client's billing product.

Click here to access your client's scheduling product.

Click here to access your client's product dashboard

Search client company

Trouble finding your client on your client list? Here are a few helpful tricks.

Clients are listed in alphabetical order and the search bar at the top can be used to quickly find a client. The client list can also be sorted from Z-A.

Creating Favorite companies

Set up a favorite for your most frequently accessed clients.

Select up to eight clients to be displayed on your Favorites tab to make it even easier to find the clients you access most frequently. Let's get started.

Click the three vertical dots to the right of the client name.

Select Add to favorites.

When one or more clients have been selected as a favorite, you will see your favorites view by default when you log into RXNT. 


To access your full client list, select the All option at the top of the screen.


Quickly navigate back to your favorites view by selecting Favorites at the top of the screen.

Manage all corporate companies

RXNT's corporate view provides high-level overviews of all client accounts via the company corporation.

To access your company's corporate products, click on your corporate name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

Click the Billing icon to access the Corporate Billing product. This will open as a new tab in your browser.

Click the Scheduling icon to access the Corporate Scheduling product. This will open as a new tab in your browser.

Click the Dashboard icon to return to the Corporate Dashboard or select the tab housing the Corporate Dashboard to return.

Adding new clients 

Quickly add your clients to RXNT through the corporate dashboard for a smooth onboarding process. For more details on adding new clients, click here!

Product Dashboard

Accessing your clients' product dashboard has never been easier. The product dashboard makes managing client accounts simple. Check out all you can do from the client dashboard. 

  • Manage subscriptions
  • Review invoices
  • Add providers
  • Manage staff users
  • Upload logos
  • And more!

For more details about all of the features available on the product dashboard, click here!

Manage invoices, subscriptions, and payment options

To manage your RXNT invoices, subscriptions, and payment options select the product dashboard for any client. All subscription details across all of your clients will display no matter which client's dashboard you're on - no need to switch between clients when managing this information.


Once on the product dashboard, click on the utility menu to access invoices, subscriptions, and payment options.


All invoices, subscriptions, and payment options across all clients will display. 


Enrollment status

You can see the enrollment status of your clients on the corporate dashboard. You will not be able to access the client's Billing, Scheduling, or Dashboard products until enrollment is completed.

INCOMPLETE: Complete the organization details for this client

The organization details have not yet been entered. Click the Continue Enrollment button to complete these details, or advise the employed provider to log in to complete this form.


INCOMPLETE: Complete and submit the provider(s) enrollment

The provider(s) have not yet been added. Click the Continue Enrollment button to complete these details, or advise the employed provider to login to add providers.


For more details about RXNT's new look within the Billing product, click here!

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