ID Proofing Troubleshooting and FAQs

Why is this required?

The DEA requires all electronic prescribing vendors to conduct identity proofing before issuing an EPCS token to a provider for two-factor authentication. This prevents controlled substance prescribing by individuals who are not appropriately credentialed by the DEA.

For more information on the DEA requirements surrounding ID proofing, visit the DEA Diversion Control Division website at the link below:

DEA Diversion Control Division - EPCS

SureScripts also requires all electronic prescribing vendors to have a physician representative from the practice undergo identity proofing at the time of enrollment.

Is one-time identity proofing a credit check?

Our ID proofing process is not a credit check. No hard or soft inquiries will appear on your credit report. RXNT is partnered with to verify your identity based on your personal details.

What type of EPCS token should I get?

Choosing what type of EPCS token to get depends on how you plan on using RXNT for ePrescribing.

If you get a hard token:

  • You'll need a separate token for each RXNT username you prescribe from. The hard token is ideal for providers who are only using a single username with RXNT.
  • You'll be able to prescribe from either the desktop or mobile app. Since the DEA requires that the token be a separate device from the one used to send the prescription, a hard token is needed to send a prescription from the RXNT mobile application.
  • If you frequently replace your cell phone, the hard token is best. The soft token is non-transferrable between mobile devices, so it will need to be re-downloaded, registered, and activated each time you replace your phone.

If you get a soft token:

  • You'll easily be able to toggle between tokens for more than one RXNT username. The soft token is ideal for providers who have multiple RXNT logins to prescribe from.
  • The device you prescribe with and the device you authenticate with must be separate, this is a DEA requirement. You will need to use a separate device or laptop/desktop to queue prescriptions. You can not use the RXNT app and soft token on the same device. 

Can I get both types of EPCS token?

Yes! The first step for this is to complete one-time ID proofing. Once you reach the token selection screen, you'll be prompted to request your EPCS tokens. Complete this process for both a hard token and a soft token if you want both.


When will I receive my EPCS token?

Once you have successfully completed one-time ID proofing and selected your token type, your token is automatically added to our queue for provisioning. Tokens are provisioned on the same day as the token is requested. If ID proofing is completed after hours (on a weekend or after 5 p.m. ET), your token will be provisioned on the following business day.

If you selected an EPCS soft token, you will receive an email containing your token download within 24 hours of provisioning. Our Token Team will also provide a separate email containing your next step instructions.

If you selected an EPCS hard token, your token will be shipped via UPS on the day it is provisioned. Shipping times vary, depending on the delivery address, but hard tokens are typically delivered within five to seven business days.

Where can I locate my token link? 

Token activation links come from Thales. If you have not received this link, please check your spam folder first. If you are still unable to locate it, please contact 

What should I do if I receive a token link but it is expired? 

Each token activation link only lasts for 10 days. If the token link is expired, please reach out to for a new activation link! 

What if I'm having trouble with ID proofing?

Reach out to for assistance by clicking here.


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