E-Prescribing Training Video and Quiz

E-Prescribing Self-Training 

To get started with E-Prescribing, please follow our 5-step self-training program outlined below. You'll find all the tools needed to help you write your first electronic prescription. Please carefully follow every step to ensure a successful transition to RXNT's E-Prescribing software.


Step 1: Download the Training Checklist

We've provided you with a downloadable checklist that you must print out and mark off as you go through our training program. Every step is outlined carefully to ensure you've completed everything.




Step 2: Watch the RXNT E-Prescribing Training Videos (in segments or in full)

We've outlined every step of our e-prescriber to walk you through writing your first prescription.

Option 1: Segmented Videos

How to Add or Search For Patients

Selecting a Pharmacy & Using an EPCS Token

Find the Full Medication History

Utilities & Help Options

Writing a Prescription & Custom Sigs

What's On the Dashboard?


Option 2: Watch Full Training Video




Step 3: Take the E-Prescribing Knowledge Verification Quiz

Please click on the button below to take the Verification Quiz to ensure you can successfully write your first prescription.

Important: If you do not pass the quiz on your first try, you DO NOT have to re-watch the video. 




Step 4: Upon Quiz Completion

After you have completed and passed the quiz, your onboarding coach will verify your account, giving you access to the modules in RXNT within one business day.



Step 5: Log in to RXNT

If you are experiencing difficulties logging into your RXNT account, please select the "Forgot Password" option at the Client Login screen to have your password reset. To reset your password, please view our online guide by clicking here

Important: You are now set to prescribe non-controlled substances electronically. 



Step 6: Patient Upload

This step requires for those who need existing patient data. When uploading data, practices have two options:

1. Manual Patient Entry - Upload your patients into your RXNT manually from the "Add Patient" button on your Provider Dashboard. 

2. Patient Import (One Time) - Download patient data from your current vendor, and place it in the Excel template below. Email the file to integration@rxnt.com, and we will take care of uploading the information into your RXNT Account. Please include your and practice names in the email to our team. The RED headers are all required fields.

NOTE: If you do not have an excel, save the document 



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