Draw and Annotate Images in Smart Forms

Smart Forms image component

Many of our Smart Form templates include the standard complaints component which includes an anatomy image.


Click the dropdown menu to switch between male and female anatomy. The gender represented when opening an encounter will be based on the patient's demographics.


 To customize an image component with a different image, reach out to our custom template team at templates@rxnt.com. Click here to learn more about custom encounter templates.

Use selection mode

Choose the Selection Mode radio button. This is the default setting for this component.


Click on any part of the image to add an indicator. Use the text box on the right to add notes for the indicator.


Click Clear All to remove all indicators and notes.


The image and notes will show on the encounter PDF.


Use drawing mode

Choose the Drawing Mode radio button.


Click and drag to draw with your mouse pointer, or use a touchscreen device.


Click Clear All to remove all drawings.


The drawings will show on the encounter PDF.


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