Add or remove encounter templates

Search for a patient and launch the Patient Dashboard.


Click Encounters or (E) on the left side navigation.


The unique Form ID for the encounter template will display in the patient's encounter list.


Click Add Encounter.


Click Manage Forms.


Add a template

Click Custom, Suggested, or All.

 Custom will only be available as an option if you have custom encounter templates tagged for your practice.


Browse by scrolling, or search by specialty, form name, or keyword using the Search box within the All tab.


The unique Form ID for the encounter template will display in the library.


See a brief description of the template by hovering over the row.


Preview encounter forms using the Preview icon to the right of the form name.


Select the checkbox to the left of one or more forms and then click Add Selected Forms to add a form to your personal encounter list.


The Favorites tab of the Manage Forms window shows the encounter forms that are currently in your personal list.


Remove a template

To remove a form from your list, click the red x to the right of the form name.


Change sort order

To change the sort order of the forms, select the checkbox for Manually Order Forms. This will rearrange the order that the forms are listed when selecting a template to create a new encounter. The default sort order is alphabetical.


Use the arrows to the left of the template description and specialty to rearrange the order that the templates are listed. Click Save to update the order.


Get custom encounter templates

Why get a custom template?

RXNT offers a wide variety of pre-made templates in the EHR, but we also offer custom made encounter templates allowing your practice to seamlessly transition from paper to electronic records, or from another product.

What options are available?

Our Smart Form encounters are versatile and allow you to incorporate checkboxes, textboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown lists. We can also incorporate any of our standard plugins, which communicate with the Patient Dashboard and Patient Health Records (PHR) portal, letting you work "smarter, not harder" and eliminating the need to re-enter patient information for every encounter.

The following encounter plugins are available:

  • Vitals
  • Medical History
  • Surgery History
  • Hospitalization History
  • Implantable Device History
  • Allergy History
  • Medication History
  • Family History
  • Social History
  • Current Medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunization
  • Diagnosis (also links to the Billing product!)
  • Coding (also links to the Billing product!)

To see what these elements look like, preview the Template Consultation Sample - Smart Form in the EHR.

Get started

For each custom template that you would like created, email a Word or PDF document outlining the template to Please include any text boxes, checkboxes, dropdown menus, etc. that you would like in the template.

Once our template team receives your documents, they will review the request and schedule a screen share consultation if additional clarification is needed.

 If you have any questions about the custom template process, reach out to our team at!


Still need help? Contact us!

Have a great idea? Tell us about it!


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