Import Data into RXNT

What can RXNT import from my previous system?

Patient Information
  • Chart ID
  • First Name*
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name*
  • Gender*
  • Date of Birth*
  • Address*
  • Social Security Number
  • Email
  • Marital Status
  • Employment Status
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Patient Language
  • Patient Phone Preference (home, mobile, etc.)*
  • Patient Phone Number (this must be the preferred phone type)*
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Relationship
  • Emergency Contact Phone Number
  • Patient Time Zone
  • Patient Communication Preferred Start Time
  • Patient Communication Preferred End Time
  • Appointment ID*
  • Appointment Status*
  • Appointment Location*
  • Appointment Type*
  • Start Date and Time*
  • End Date and Time*
  • Primary Material Resource*
  • External Patient ID*
  • Person Resource*
  • Appointment Notes
Payer Information
  • Unique Identifier (for each payer)*
  • Payer Name*
  • Payer Address*
  • Payer Phone Number*
  • Claim Filling Indicator*
  • Health Insurance Primary Claim Filing
  • Payer Notes 
  • Primary Key*
  • Patient Primary Key*
  • Case Name*
  • Case Description
  • Case Type Code*
  • Case Type Description
  • State*
  • Referred Provider*
  • Prior Authorization Number*
  • Prior Authorization Name*
  • Prior Authorization Number*
  • Prior Authorization Start Date*
  • Prior Authorization End Date
  • Number of Visits*
  • Remaining Visits
  • Case Start Date*
  • Case End Date*
  • Guarantor
  • Primary Key of the Subscriber*
  • Case Priority Code*
  • Case Priority Description
  • Insurance Policy Number*
  • Insurance Group Number
  • Insurance Group Name 
  • Insurance CoPay 
  • Insurance Deductible*
  • Insurance Effective Start Date*
  • Insurance Effective End Date 
  • Medicare Type Code 
  • Medicare Type Description
  • Notes*
Fee Schedules
  • Procedure Codes*
  • Procedure Description*
  • Fee Schedule Name*
  • Fee Amount*
  • Fee Expected*
Referring Provider
  • Unique Identifier for each Provider*
  • Provider First Name*
  • Provider Middle Name 
  • Provider Last Name*
  • Provider NPI*
  • Provider State License Number 
  • Provider UPIN 
  • Provider Commercial Number 
  • Provider Type Code*
  • Provider Type Name*
  • Provider Note Date*
  • Unique Identifier*
  • Patient ID*
  • Person First Name*
  • Person Middle Name
  • Person Last Name*
  • Person Gender*
  • Person Birth Day*
  • Person Address*
  • Person Social Security Number
  • Person Email
  • Person Marital Status
  • Person Phone Preference (home, mobile, etc.)*
  • Person Phone Number (this must be the preferred phone type)*
  • Person Time Zone 
  • Preferred Communication Start Time 
  • Preferred Communication End Time 
  • Employer Name 
  • Employer Phone Number
  • Person's Relation to Patient Code 
  • Person's Relations to Patient Name 
  • Person's Relation to Other Description 
  • Is the person a subscriber? 
  • Allergy Description*
  • RxNorm Code
  • Reaction
  • Severity
  • Is Active*
  • Date Added*
  • Last Modified Date
  • Record Source
  • Date Identified*
  • Patient External ID*
Active Medications

Medication data should be shared in a TSV (tab-delimited) file. Below is a list of the required data elements.

  • Patient account number * (EMR Chart#/External PatientID to match patient) The maximum character limit is 15 characters.
  • Patient Instructions*The maximum character limit is 210 characters.
  • RxNorm ID *(RxNorm ID to match drugs in Drug DB)
  • Drug name*The maximum character limit is 140 characters.
  • Quantity amount* (numeric value)
  • Quantity units*(values outlined in NCPDP portal, reference here)
  • Refills*(numeric value < 99)
  • Comments* The maximum character limit is 210 characters.
  • IsPRN*(Boolean 0-false / 1-True)
  • PRN Description*
  • Use generic*(Boolean 0-false / 1-True)
  • Ordering Physician NPI* (to match provider)
Patient Documents
  • Patient Last Name*
  • Patient First Name*
  • Patient Gender
  • Patient Date Of Birth
  • Patient MRN#
  • Document Category/Type
  • Document Date
  • Patient Zip Code
  • Actual Document File Name*
  • Title
  • Description


Note:  All required fields are indicated with an asterisk. 

Prepare your import file

Download and make a copy of this Excel file to your computer in .csv or .xls/.xlsx format. Import Templates Bundle.

Select the tab for the import you would like to complete. Add your data to the sheet, making sure to fill in all required fields. Once you have added all the information to import, follow the next steps below.  

Send file using the import tool

Access import tool

We offer a secure, HIPAA-compliant Send File tool that Practice Administrators can access from the RXNT Dashboard. Log into RXNT and select Utilities in the upper right. Select Send File.


Upload files

Click Choose Files.


Browse to the appropriate file, select it, and click Open to add it to the upload tool.

Add a description for the file (optional), and click Upload to send the file to our integration team who will be automatically notified and begin processing your import.


Uploaded files will appear in the Past Uploads list at the bottom of the screen.


Final steps 

Once you have uploaded the document into RXNT, we will automatically be notified. The import is not instantaneous and will take about 1-3 weeks to import it into your database. Once it has been completed, our team will notify you right away. 


Additional links

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