Contactless Patient Enrollment

Remove barriers for new patient enrollment by adding a seamless patient registration platform to your practice website. Patients can register and self-enroll for the patient portal directly from your site, eliminating the need to reach out and contact your office beforehand. With Contactless Patient Enrollment enabled, your practice can customize the look and implement the form either by using a URL link or embedding a custom widget. 

This feature is currently available exclusively to organizations subscribed to RXNT's Scheduling and Electronic Health Records (EHR) software.


When navigating to your company’s website, patients can click the hyperlinked URL or the button displayed from the widget, which will open the Patient Request From in a new tab

After the patient submits the form, they will receive a Portal Registration invitation via email. Subsequently, the patient will be placed in the Pending Patients Queue to await approval. Once approved, the patient will receive an email confirmation.  


From the main dashboard click Utilities.

Select Contactless Patient Enrollment.

Toggle on the Allow Contactless Patient Enrollment option. 

You can choose to customize the widget icon button to suit your preferences.

Click Save.

Copy the URL Link or Embedded Code. The URL link can be used to hyperlink any text on your website, while the embedded code represents a button that can be embedded into your website. 

If you wish to send patients a rejection notification when their registration is not approved, toggle on the Send Patient Rejection Notification When Rejected option. 

You will see a preview of the email/SMS content. If your practice has multiple locations, you can switch between locations using the location dropdown. Patients will receive an email or SMS notification based on their preferred communication preference if they’ve been rejected from the Pending Patient Queue. 

Pending Patients Queue

Users must have the Message View permission to access this area, either by being assigned the Office Manager role or a custom role with Message View enabled. 

Once your practice enables Contactless Patient Enrollment, two tabs will display on the Patient Request screen in Scheduling—Messages and Patient Requests.

The Messages tab function remain the same with no modifications. 

When viewing the Patient Requests tab, you’ll see the following options:


The Pending tab will list all patients who have submitted a patient request form. You can respond by Accepting or Rejecting the request. When accepted, the patient will be added to your RXNT account with the demographic information they submitted on their request form. If rejected, the patient will be placed within the Rejected tab and they will not be added to your account. 

Once approved, the patient will be seamlessly added to the practice and listed within the Approved tab. When selecting the Approve option, a pop-up window will display to confirm.

When Rejected, a pop-up window will prompt you to select the reason for rejection from the dropdown menu. The reason will be included in the rejection notification sent to the patient if configured in the settings. Click Reject.


The Approved tab will list all patients who have been approved from the pending queue. It will list the user who approved the request and the timestamp of approval. 


The Rejected tab will list the patients who have been rejected from the pending queue. It will list the user who rejected them, the timestamp of the rejection, and the rejection reason. 

Viewing demographics

The Request Details column within all three tabs allows the practice to view the patient’s submitted demographic information. Click View.  


In the Action column, you will see warning icons next to the Reject button, if applicable. Hover over the icon to see a brief description.

Warning types

Yellow: Possible duplicate patient in the pending queue. 

Orange: Possible duplicate patient that already exists. 

Red: This patient may be currently out of the country. 

When clicking on the Yellow or Orange warning icons, you can view the current record from the pending queue and compare it to the potential duplicate(s) found within the system.


Additional options

When the Show All Flagged Patients option is selected within the Pending, Approved, or Rejected tabs, only flagged patients will be displayed. 

The Patient Request screen allows you to download data as a CSV or PDF file, and you can filter or sort each column in ascending/descending order by clicking on the column header. 

You can click the Reset Grid icon on the top right to restore the original view. 


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