What is a person resource? 

The person resource is any user who will be having appointments scheduled on their behalf.

Follow the steps below to set up a person resource.

Click Utilities


Company setup

 Next, select Person Resources.


To add a new resource and setup specifications, select New Person Resource.


Select the Resource Type, and Person's name, and enter the display name.


NOTE: When selecting the person resource’s name – DO NOT free text – you MUST click on the drop-down option on the person resource’s name. The setup of the person resource will not be complete if this is not done.

Enter the eligibility information.


Select the color options for when the person resource is available, not available, and the appointment color.


Select the Preferred Locations and the Default location based on the offices in which the person resource will be working.


Enter the  Short Name if your doctor group uses Patient Reminders. This name will be associated with the Patient Reminder


Select if the person resource is visible as a default on the appointment calendar and which users can see the resource.


After making the changes, click Save. The doctor group will now be associated with the newly added Person Resource.


The order in which the person resource is displayed on the appointment and availability calendars can be adjusted and then the sequence saved. This can be done by selecting directional arrows. 



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