View and Send Messages to your Provider

New Portal Messaging and Documents

Messaging may not be available to you if your practice turns off the functionality in the Electronic Health Records. You will see a notification indicating that your healthcare provider has disabled patient messages and to please get in touch with them directly with any questions. 


View inbox

Tap Messages in the bottom navigation bar.

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If you don't see the navigation bar, tap X in the upper left to close the page you're on.


Incoming messages

Incoming messages will display in bold with the name of the sender, the date and time they were received, and a brief preview of the message text.


Send a message

Send a message by selecting the pencil to search for your provider or staff members in the top right corner.


Tap the Search bar and search for your provider or staff member.


Depending on your provider's setup you may be able to send a message to a specific group name or categorized message thread. If your provider has this feature enabled, you will not be able to send a message to a specific individual.

Tap the desired message category to begin your message. 

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If your provider has enabled categorized messaging, you will still have access to view your previous messages between you and staff at your provider's office. 


Click a checkbox next to the provider or staff member's name.


Select the checkmark to continue.


Reply to a message

Reply by clicking directly on the message.


Type your message, then click the send arrow.

message send.png

Manage settings

Click on the three dots in the top right corner to access settings.

three dots.png

Click the check box Enter to send to allow you to use the return button on your keypad to send a message.

enter to send.png

Set your Time zone using the dropdown menu. Click Save to continue.


You can also pin a conversation and mark it as unread by clicking the three dots on the message.


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