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October 4th

Practice Management

Angular Upgrade - Single Eligibility Check 

We have updated the Eligibility screen to the latest version of Angular, which is the underlying framework for the screen. We've also improved the workflow of the single eligibility check. Click here to learn more!

PDF Export Improvements

We are improving the PDF export tool. If the grid includes less than 10 columns, the PDF will automatically export when selecting the PDF export button. If the grid includes more than 10 columns, the user will have the option to select up to 10 columns to include on the PDF export. Click here to learn more!

New setting to show insurance breakdown on statements

We've added a new setting for statements that will now show a more detailed breakdown of payments made by insurance companies - primary, secondary, etc. - so patients can clearly see how much was paid by each. Click here to learn more!


Enhanced Charge Capture search

Searching for a patient will be enhanced with a single search field to accommodate either name or MRN. Date of birth will be added as an additional search criterion. Click here to learn more!

September 20th

Practice Management

Improved disabled date fields and Export by Group button on the Claims and Insurance Payment Screen

  • The disabled date fields are not clickable anymore to provide a better user experience and avoid confusion. The information icon provides information on why these fields are disabled and how the data is displayed.
  • The Export-by-group option is available for the PDF export which exports each group of data in a separate sheet. To see the option, group the grid by one or more columns and select the drop-down under the PDF button.

Click here to learn more about Claims and Insurance Payment

Aging Report - Indicator for patients with payment plans

 A Payment Plan column is added to the Aging Report. Yes/No is displayed in this column to indicate whether the patient has a payment plan. Click here to learn more!

Angular Upgrade for Reports Queue Screen

The Report Queue screen is upgraded to the latest version of Angular, which is the underlying framework for the screen. No functionality will be changing on this screen; however, this update will improve the screen's performance and provide a new look and feel. Click here to learn more!

Patient Payment Report moved to BigQuery

The Patient Payment Report will now fetch data from BigQuery, our new reporting database. This is a part of our initiative to migrate all our custom reports to a single reporting database.

As a result of this, the data on this report updates every 2 hours. This means any changes made in the system will be reflected in the Patient Payment Report only after 2 hours.

There is a field next to the report header called Data Synced Until indicating the date and time of the latest data sync. The system data until the specified date and time is present in the report. Click here to learn more!

Update for eliminating claim status discrepancies 

The process of reading Claim Statuses/responses from CHC is updated to ensure we provide more accurate claim statuses and eliminate any mismatches. Click here to learn more!

MyRXNT Mobile

Patient Portal Medications

Patients will be able to view their current medications from the MyRXNT app. Click here to learn more!

September 6th

Practice Management

Claims and Insurance Payment Reset Grid Button

We are adding a Reset Grid button on top of the grid used on many screens throughout the product. This button will make it easy to clear any filtering, grouping, sorting, and re-ordering in the grid and easily see when filters have been applied to the grid. 



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