Encounter-level posting payments

Payments being posted at the encounter level are typically due to your ERA not indicating specific line items. To correct this, please select the red circle to the left of the dates of service to clear the payment from the encounter level. You can then manually allocate to the encounter detail level of your payment.


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New patient payment

Click on Patient Payment in the Navigation Bar.

All patient payments are entered here. Unposted, posted, and payments for a specific date range can be viewed here.

Click New Payment. 

Search for a patient by entering values in the search fields. Then click on the line containing the patient’s name.

The Patient Payment screen opens and the ten most recent unsettled encounters associated with the selected patient appear under the Encounters section.


If there are more than 10 unsettled encounters associated with the selected patient, a banner appears saying "There are additional open balances that go beyond this screen. Toggle "Show All" to view further balances."


Click Show All to view other balances. The unsettled balances are colored in red for easy identification.

Select an encounter to apply a payment amount.


Enter a payment amount in the Amount field. To enter negative amounts, use the minus sign (-).


Select the payment Method from the dropdown.

An Accept Payment icon will appear at the top right of the screen if the payment method is a credit card. 

The Accept Payment option is only available if you're using Nuvei. 

Select a credit card on file or add new credit card. 

Click Submit Payment


Then distribute the payment amounts under the line item payment amounts below.


Alternatively, you can click Auto Allocate to automatically distribute the amount to line item(s). 

Adjustment codes

Adjustment codes can be added at any point to the adjustment code column. If multiple adjustment codes need to be added, click on the yellow folder icon. 
Enter Adjustment Codes and Adjustment Amount.
Click Save.
Click Save and Post.

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