Integrate with your State Immunization Registry

About Immunization Registry Reporting

You must be registered with your state's immunization registry for HL7 submission before configuring the RXNT integration.

An Immunization Registry is a confidential, population-based, computerized information system that allows providers to collect vaccination data of the population within a geographic area. The information can be shared one-way (via export) or with a bidirectional interface. 

By collecting and exporting immunization record data, you may qualify to meet specific MIPS measures for HIE (Health Information Exchange). For more information, visit the CMS website at

First, read the HealthCareXchange: Practice On-Boarding Process.

Secondly, the customer will begin completing HealthCareXchange's Configuration Form and directly email the form to HealthcareXchange at

How to add an immunization interface to your RXNT subscription?

The immunizations interface is an optional add-on product available to all RXNT customers enrolled with the Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution.

New Customers Existing Customers

Under Enrollments on the website, add Immunization Interface to your subscription under the "Add Ons" page.

Choose between an outgoing-only interface or a bidirectional interface to send and receive immunization records for patients.


Complete the rest of your enrollment.

Click here for help with the enrollment process.

#1 Complete the integration form

Your RXNT Onboarding Coach will provide you with a configuration form to integrate through our partner, HealthCareXchange. Once your form is submitted to HealthCareXchange, they will verify your registry credentials and work directly with your state registry to connect you.

#2 Connect your interface

HealthCareXchange will provide you with information about the sending and receiving facility. Please enter this information into your RXNT account to link it to your state registry.

Log into RXNT and launch the EHR. Click on the utility icon.

#3 How To Add Immunization Settings in RXNT

The customer will need to finish a few steps in RXNT after receiving the configuration form from HealthCareXchange. Please enter the information that HealthcareXchange provides them into RXNT. See the steps below:


Enter the patient's dashboard and click Immunization on the left side to access this feature. Please click the gear icon and add it to the list if you do not see it. If you do not see it From here, click Add.


#4 Record Immunizations for Patients

This covers how to add patient immunizations in the patient dashboard section. Review our article on Encounter Plugins to learn how to add immunizations while working in a patient encounter.

#5 Add a new Immunization

Click Immunization or the I icon to navigate to the immunizations section of the patient dashboard.


Click + Add to add a new record.


Add the immunization details, including all required fields. 


Select the Include in Registry checkbox if you want to send the record to your state registry. Only immunizations administered within the last 7 days can be sent to the registry. 

An immunization interface is required for this functionality.


Click Save to add the record for the patient.


If you selected to send this to your state registry, additional information is required. Fill in the required fields, then click Add to Registry.


Request immunization records from your state registry

You must be enrolled with a bi-directional interface in order to request records from your state registry.

From the immunization section of the patient dashboard, click More Actions and choose External Source Data.


Click Request Records to send a request to your state registry for this patient's immunizations.


You'll see a message appear below the button. Registry requests may take up to 24 hours to be returned into RXNT.


If registry records are available for the patient, they'll appear in the External Data section of the pop up. Select the checkbox next to any records you'd like to add to RXNT and select Add to Active Data.


A new record will be added to the patient dashboard for the selected immunizations, and the registry record will be shown in the Active Data section of the pop up with the source "Registry."


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of submission should I choose for my state immunization registry?

Choose HL7 or electronic submission. This will allow our partner, HealthCareXchange, to successfully send your practice's records to the state registry.

What if I already signed up for my state immunization registry with a different submission type?

You can re-register with your state immunization registry and select a different submission type. Choose HL7 or electronic submission when registering.

Who is the vendor or technical point of contact for the interface?

If your state requires a vendor or technical point of contact, reach out to to obtain the appropriate contact information.

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