Charting Vitals inside an encounter

Charting a patient's vitals and blood pressure during an encounter depends on how you customize your encounter's template.

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When entering the patient's vitals, RXNT references the CDC and MedlinePlus to alert you when the vitals are outside normal parameters. 


Patient's dashboard Vitals & Charting

Click Vitals and Charting within their Patient Dashboard. On this screen, you will be able to see all of the past entered information. By clicking on the date, you can see the details that were entered. 



Add new vitals

Click Add. If you are using an encounter smart form with a vitals plug-in, this information will automatically be synced to this section when the encounter is signed. Additionally, if this information is entered here, you can click Update on the encounter to have the information sync. 


Viewing charting 

Click the View Chart drop-down in order to select the correct chart you wish to view. Click Show


Below are the options you have to select from. 



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