Vitals can be entered two ways; within an encounter and within the Vitals & Charting tab of the patient dashboard.

Document vitals within an encounter

Create your encounter as your normally would and locate the Vitals section, available for you to enter all vital information.

If you enter vitals within the Vitals & Charting tab, simply click Update here to sync the data, saving you from doubling your work.

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Documenting a patient's vitals during an encounter may differ if you are using a custom encounter form. If your practice is interested in creating a custom encounter form, reach out to our Templates team at templates@rxnt.com for more information.

Document vitals within the Vitals & Charting tab

Click Vitals & Charting within the navigation menu of the Patient Dashboard. On this screen, view all existing vital information, if applicable. Click on the caret icon corresponding to a specific date to view those entries. 

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Click Add.

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Enter all required information, then click Save.

If you are using an encounter smart form with a vitals plugin, this information will automatically be synced to this section when the encounter is signed. Additionally, if this information is entered here, you can click Update on the encounter to sync the vital information. 

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When entering the patient's vitals, RXNT references the CDC and MedlinePlus to alert you when the vitals are outside normal parameters. 



Within the Vitals & Charting tab, click the View Chart dropdown menu and select the chart you wish to view. Indicate if the chart should be displayed in either English or Metric measurements, then click Show

Screenshot 2024-06-14 160312.png

Initially, the chart will display data for all time. Indicate your Record Start Date and Record End Date to view results within a certain timeframe, then click Search and the chart will display below. 

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