Respond to Pending Prescriptions

Pending prescriptions

Pending prescriptions are generated from within the practice, most likely by a staff user, for a doctor to approve at a later time. For example, a nurse could set up a prescription requested by a patient while the doctor is not in the office. The doctor could later review and approve the prescription.

Click Pending on the prescription dashboard.


Select the checkbox next to a patient's name to approve all of their prescriptions at once. Select the checkbox next to the prescription to approve specific prescriptions.

Click Approve to transmit the selected prescriptions to the pharmacy.


Click Approve on the confirmation message if the listed prescriptions are correct. 


Controlled substances

Approving prescriptions for controlled medications is handled separately from non-controlled medications because they require additional two-factor authentication by the provider. These prescriptions are identified by the red “CS” displayed in the icon area.

Click the blue Rx button to approve a prescription for a controlled medication.


Review the prescription details and click Send to transmit it to the pharmacy.


 Login password is the login associated with your user account, which you use to access RXNT. OTP password is the 6-digit code generated by your EPCS token. Click here to learn how to use your token.


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