Search for a Pharmacy

Can't find your pharmacy? 

Try searching with fewer parameters! Something a simple as searching for "Cape Drugs" instead of "Cape Drug" can affect your results. RXNT recommends that you search the first three letters of the pharmacy along with the city and state. If you still can't find the pharmacy, contact the pharmacy to confirm the name. 

Can't send EPCS?

If you are prescribing a controlled substance, make sure that the selected pharmacy has EPCS listed in the Type column. This means that the pharmacy is certified to accept controlled substance prescriptions electronically.


Prescriber favorite pharmacies 

This can be set up through the user account and will display when a medication is being prescribed. In order to learn more about managing your pharmacy favorites, please click here.


Adding to prescriber favorite pharmacies 

After searching for a pharmacy, select the checkbox on the right. Click Add To My Favorite in order to add it to the list of prescriber favorites. 


Patient favorite pharmacies

You'll see a list of the 5 most recent pharmacies used to dispense the patient's prescriptions. 



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