Medication Reconciliation


RXNT Medication Reconciliation offers a straightforward way to access patients' previously prescribed medications, ensuring a full picture of each patient.


Go to, enter your username, then click Next.


Enter your password, then click Login.



Patients are listed on the home page alphabetically by last name.


Add a new patient

Create a new patient record by clicking Add Patient in the upper right.


Enter the patient's information and click Save to create their profile. All fields are required. 


Edit a patient

Click the edit icon next to the patient to update the demographics.


Make changes as needed, then click Update.


Access the medication history

Select a patient by clicking anywhere on the row.


To see a patient's medication history, acknowledge that you have the patient’s consent. Click Accept to agree to the terms and conditions of the HIPAA Patient Consent Agreement.

 This is only required when you access a patient’s profile for the first time. The next time you view this patient, you’ll be taken directly to medication details.


The patient's medication history will be displayed.

Fill data
Fill data contains retail fill data from pharmacies and is displayed by default.
Claims data
Claims data contains prescriptions that the patient's pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) or payer has received claims for. Toggle to Claims Hx to view the claims data.


In some cases, you may notice that some or all of a patient’s medication history is missing. Missing medications typically fall into two categories: medication history available but not returned and medication history not available.

To return patient medication history, a demographic match is required. Check the patient’s demographics to ensure the following fields are updated to the best of your ability: 

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address 
  • Zip Code

The more information you provide, the more likely we will be able to find a patient match. 

 In some cases, more than one patient may have similar information and the wrong information could be returned for a patient. While this is rare, we recommend talking with the patient to ensure you have an accurate medication list available when making treatment decisions. 

There are several reasons a full medication history may not be available for a patient, even if the demographics are matched:

  • The patient requested the medication not be disclosed due to privacy concerns
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Low-cost prescriptions
  • Prescriptions paid by the patient or non-participating sources
  • Errors in insurance claims information

Add a medication to the patient's current medication list

Once you’ve reviewed the patient’s medication history with the patient, you may need to add some of the medications to the patient’s current medication list. 

Select the medications, then click Add to Current Meds


Current medication list

The list of medications that the patient is actively taking can be managed on the Current tab.


Add a new medication

Click Add Medication.


Select the desired medication strength and form, enter any additional details, then click Save.


Edit a medication

Click the edit icon next to the medication to make changes.


Make the desired changes, then click Update


Remove a medication

Click the delete icon next to the medication to remove it from the current medication list.



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