Prescriptions from the Provider Dashboard

Prescription Status

From the provider dashboard, click the Prescriptions tab on the main menu header, revealing multiple tabs related to your prescriptions. First is the Recent tab, which identifies the 75 most recent prescriptions sent from your practice.

You have access to print a prescription below. Select one or more checkboxes, then click Print Selectedmceclip0.png

Clicking the Rx icon brings you to the Prescription Preview page.

Mid-Level Staff can also send non-controlled prescriptions to the pharmacy on behalf of a provider, and can only be approved from the preview page, where the two-factor authentication is entered.

Pending prescriptions

The Pending lists are prescriptions that have been set up but not yet sent to the pharmacy. These may be prescriptions that a provider saved for later or a user set up on behalf of the provider and needs approval.

To send any pending prescriptions below, click the checkbox below the patient's name, highlighting the prescription in blue. Click Approve. Another window will open to Approve the following Medications. 


To Void any prescriptions that should not be transmitted, select the checkboxes to the right, click Void to discard the medication, and remove it from the pending list. You will need to provide a reason for the Void/Cancel prescription.mceclip7.png

Click the Rx icon to view the full preview of any prescription in the list. From the preview page, you can edit the prescription and approve controlled substance prescriptions.

Screenshot 2024-06-24 085907.png

Pharmacy requests

The Pharmacy Requests tab includes refills and change requests from the pharmacy. Click here to learn more about pharmacy requests within this tab.



The Voided tab lists prescriptions voided from the Pending and Pharmacy Requests tab. The Notes column provides the reason for the void/canceled medication.


Rx tasks & EPA status

The Rx Tasks tab is where prescriptions are awaiting Prior Authorization. We will go over this functionality at a later lesson. However, any medications that did not require Prior Authorization will be sent directly to the pharmacy and appear in the Recent Tab on the prescriber dashboard as usual. Click here to learn more about Rx Tasks and EPA's.


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