View and Add Patient Allergies


From the patient dashboard, click Allergies. Here, view existing allergies that have been entered into RXNT, if applicable.


If the patient has No Known Allergies or No Known Drug Allergies, utilize the appropriate button for your records.

no knowns.png

Add an allergy

Click + to add an allergy. 


Within the Allergy Description field, being searching for the correct allergy. Once populated, click the correct allergy to select it.

The Allergy Description field is the only required field.

allergy description.png

The Substance (Medication) number will automatically populate based on what is entered into the Allergy Description field.


If applicable, enter the Substance (Drug Class).

substance drug class.png

If the Substance (Drug Class) is entered, the Drug Class SNOMED code will automatically populate.

drug class number.png

If applicable, enter the Reaction.


If the Reaction is entered, the Reaction SNOMED code will automatically populate.

reaction number.png

If applicable, select the appropriate Severity from the dropdown menu.


Once all information is entered, click Save.


Edit or delete an allergy


Scroll to the right and click the file folder icon corresponding to the correct allergy. 

file folder.png

Items able to be edited are Severity, CommentsIs Active and Date Identified.

Deselect the Is Active checkbox if the allergy is no longer active for the patient.



Scroll to the right and click the red x icon corresponding to the correct allergy. 


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