View and Send Electronic Faxes

The eFax add-on product is required for this functionality. Contact your RXNT sales representative to enroll in eFax.

View the fax inbox

Log into RXNT and access Electronic Health Records (EHR).


Click More in the EHR header, then select Faxes.


Unread faxes will appear in bold. Click View to see the faxed documents.


Use the page navigation at the bottom of the table to see additional faxes in the inbox.


How to compose a fax

EHR eFAX file size should be less than 20MB

Click Fax (F). on the left side Navigation Bar and then click Compose. From here, upload all documents using Choose File. Click Send once the fax is ready to be sent. 


How to view a sent fax

Click Fax (F) on the left side Navigation Bar. Click Sent to see any previously sent documents. 


How to view an archived fax

Click Fax (F) on the left side Navigation Bar. Click Archived to see all archived faxes. By clicking View you can open the details of the fax.


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