Your Patient's Virtual Visit is Just a Click Away

Introducing launch appointment in the PHR!

Patients can see which appointments are online and quickly launch their appointment right from the patient portal.

 Available for customers using any package that includes Electronic Health Records (EHR).

 Not sure if that's you? Reach out to our team by calling 800-943-7968, option 3, or email to find out more!

Stop answering the question "Is this a telehealth visit?"

We've made it easier than ever for your patients to see exactly what they need to do for their appointment - show up at the office or log in online. Wherever your patient is checking the PHR for their appointment details, they'll now see a link for "Launch Telehealth" if it's a virtual appointment.


Prevent missed appointments

You'll never have to hear "I couldn't find the link" again! With one click from the PHR dashboard or appointments page your patient can directly launch their telehealth appointment.

mceclip0.pngNeed help creating telehealth appointments?

We've got you covered! Click here to learn how to create a Virtual Room material resource.

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