MyRXNT Medications

Patient Medications

Easily access and manage your current medication list on the MyRXNT app, providing you with convenient and organized medication information.

View medication list

Tap More in the bottom navigation bar.

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Tap Medications.

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Review medication details

To review specific medication details such as Quantity, Refills, Start Date, and Provider, tap the ^ icon next to the medication.

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Sort medications

If you wish to organize your medication list, tap on Sort By. You can sort your medications in alphabetical order (A-Z or Z-A), by Start Date, or by Provider.

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Download medication list

Available starting Wednesday, October 18th, 2023, patients can effortlessly download their up-to-date medication list directly from the MyRXNT app. Enjoy the convenience of having your current medications at your fingertips.

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