Refill a Prescription from the Patient Medication List

View the patient medication list

Search for the patient that you need to set up a prescription for.

Make sure you are in the Medications section of the patient dashboard. Click Medications or (M) in the navigation bar to toggle to this section.


Choose and refill medications

Patient medications can be refilled from the Current, Previous, or History tab. Click on the appropriate tab to choose medications.

List of active medications for a patient. This includes medications prescribed through RXNT, and other reported medications added to the patient's chart.
Complete list of all prescriptions sent for this patient from RXNT, where each prescription event is shown, regardless if it is for a medication that already appears in the list.
List of medications that have been prescribed for this patient, as reported to SureScripts and matched to the patient's demographics in RXNT.


From Current From Previous From History

Select the checkbox for the medications that need to be refilled for the patient.3.png

Click Refill.


If the selected medications include one or more that has been discontinued, you'll be alerted to choose an alternative medication for the patient.


If the selected medications include a free text or compound medication that has since been removed from your practice's settings, you'll be alerted that the medication can't be filled.


Update prescription details as needed, then continue with selecting additional medications (optional) and selecting the pharmacy.


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