Order Labs and Imaging

Send a Lab or Imaging Order

Click Results & Orders from the navigation menu of the patient dashboard. 

Click Order.

Click Add.

If your practice is connected with lab interfacing to send the order directly to a lab, select the desired lab from the Facility dropdown menu.

FAcility Edited Outlined 2.png

Select the correct case information from the Cases drop-down. 

Search for the test by beginning to type into the search test field. Choose from the populated results.

In addition to lab tests, imaging tests can also be ordered.

If using a lab interface, imaging may not be available depending on the selected lab. 

Imaging Cropped.png

Many labs require a diagnosis to be attached to the order. Click here to learn how to add a new patient active diagnosis.

The LOINC and Urgency are not required fields.

Select Green + to add another test to the lab order. Click the Red - to remove a test from the lab order.

Click Next.


If you are using a lab interface, answer the four questions and click Next.

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Click Send to complete the lab order.

Click Save to complete the lab order. Save to your computer or Print the order to send or give to your patient.

Favorite lab tests

Commonly ordered tests can be marked favorite for ease of access. Favorites, indicated by a yellow star, appear at the top of your dropdown menu when searching for a test. 

Click on the star next to the test name to add or remove a test. Adding an order to favorites will turn the star yellow. Removing an order from favorites returns the star to gray. 

Review orders

Click Results & Orders.

Click Order.

Ordered lab tests display here. 

To print, select the checkbox next to the order followed by the green Print button. 

To edit the order, click the manilla folder icon.

To delete the order, click the red x icon.

Lab Interface orders

If your practice is connected with lab interfacing, the ordered labs display with A, L and R icons. 

  • Click the red A icon to view/print the ABN document.
  • Click the green L icon to view/print the specimen label.
  • Click the blue R icon to view/print the requisition document. 

Labs ordered through a lab interface are only able to be edited, not deleted.

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