Transaction Journal Report

The Transaction Journal Report gives an overview of the charges, payments, claims, statements, and patient funds created or received in a period of time. This report is extremely helpful as you can access a lot of data from one screen.

Let's create a Transaction Journal report!

Create a Transaction Journal report

Click Reports.


Select All.


Click Transaction Journal.


Enter a date range.


Click Run Report.


The Transaction Journal report is generated.

Now, let's go over the enhancements.

Display of manual patient funds

Patient funds added manually into the system (credit or debit) will automatically appear in the Patient Payments tab in the Transaction Journal report to ensure all patient payments are accounted for in the selected time frame.

Click Patient Payments in the Transaction Journal report.


Click Include Unposted Payments.


Manually added patient funds records will be displayed here without a system created payment ID and the payment type will be Patient Fund.



Option to remove system created patient funds 

Select the Exclude automatically created patient funds checkbox to remove patient payments that have the payment type Patient fund and a system-generated Payment ID. This prevents double counting of patient funds in the total.

Click Patient Payments.


Click Exclude automatically created patient funds. Patient payments that have the payment type Patient fund and a system-generated Payment ID will be removed.



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