RXNT's Activity Report provides a monthly snapshot that shows the beginning balance, the total charges, payments, adjustments, and write-offs, and the ending balance for the period selected. 

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Run the Activity Report

Navigate to the reports screen and click Customize Your Own Report.

Select Activity Report from the Report Type drop-down.

Select the Encounter Date Type. Based on the encounter date type selected, your report will change. For example, if you select "Service Date", your activity report will show all charges with a service date within the selected time frame. 

Select the Payment Date Type. Selecting the payment date type will create a filter for all payments, adjustments, and write-offs that fall within the selected time frame. 

Now let's select the time frame for this report. Start by selecting the Month.

Then, select the Year.

Click, Run Report.

Understanding the Activity Report

The Activity Report displays the following fields on the top of the report to clearly indicate the details of the report generated:

  • Report Name: This shows the name of the report.
  • Encounter Date Type: Displays the selected encounter date type used to run the report.
  • Payment Date Type: Displays the selected payment date type used to run the report
  • Date: Shows the Month and Year for which the report was generated.
  • Created On: Displays the date and time on which the report was created.

The Activity Report has five easy views, where you can see the activity for the practice grouped by the following:

  • Payer- The payer data can be grouped either by the primary responsible party or the current responsible party.
  • Procedure Code
  • Facility
  • Rendering Provider
  • Billing Provider
  • Scheduling Provider
  • Financial Class - The financial class data can be grouped either by the primary responsible party or the current responsible party.

Simply click on the various tabs to change your view. 

The first column shows you the payer, procedure codes, facility, rendering provider, billing provider, scheduling provider, and financial class associated with the charges in their respective tabs.

When a value is not present for a charge or payment, the charge and payment amount will still be calculated but you will find those records at the bottom of each tab grouped under the following names:

  • No Procedure Code
  • No Facility
  • No Rendering Provider
  • No Billing Provider
  • No Scheduling Provider

The second column shows you the beginning balance of the selected month which is always equal to the ending balance of the previous month. 

The third column shows you the total charge amount associated with each record within the selected time frame.

The fourth column shows you the total payments made for the selected time frame.

Though the Payments column includes manually credited or debited patient funds, only manual patient funds that have a payment date will be included.

 If you find any manually added patient funds missing from the Activity Report, simply add a payment date to the manually added patient fund to reflect accurate data in the Activity report. 

The fifth column shows you the total adjustments and write-offs made in the selected time frame. The total adjustments and write-offs are obtained from the payment information.

The last column shows you the total ending balance for the selected month. The total ending balance is calculated using the following formula:

 Beginning Balance + Charges - Payments - Adjustments/Write-offs = Ending Balance

The Ending Balance for the current month will always be equal to the beginning balance of the next month.


You will also notice that the totals of each tab will always be equal to each other for the selected time frame as the total activity will not change based on the grouping selected.   

Exclude Unbilled Encounters

Unbilled encounters contain information that can change. If you want to see a more solidified view of your data, simply choose to exclude unbilled encounters from the Activity Report by clicking on the checkbox to Exclude unbilled encounters

Group By

To group the report by the Current Responsible Party or Primary Responsible Party, click on the Group By drop-down menu. 

Export the Activity Report to CSV

Click on the three Dots if you wish to export your data.

Select the option to Download CSV to download the CSV file for the current tab of the Activity Report.



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