Pay Your Bill through the Patient Portal

Access your bill

Quick links

Log in to the patient portal and check the Quick Links section. Here you can easily access common actions.


Click Pay My Bill to go directly to patient bill pay.

 Not all providers use this feature. If you don't see this option in the Quick Links section, your provider hasn't enabled electronic patient bill pay.


Billing summary

Click Billing Summary in the header to see intake forms without using the quick link.


Click View Statement to see your outstanding balances from your provider's office.


Click Pay Bill to launch the patient bill pay.


Configure payment amount

Use the checkboxes to remove items from your payment. All items will be selected automatically.


Use the pay amount box to pay only a portion of the item. The full amount will be entered automatically.


Enter payment source

Saved card

Select from the Choose Credit Card dropdown to pay your bill with a saved card.


The card information will populate and the last four digits of the saved card will be displayed so that you can confirm it's the correct payment source.


New card

Add the card details below the Choose Credit Card drowpdown.


Name the card using the New Card Name box. This is the name that will appear in the saved card dropdown next time you use patient bill pay.


Add billing address details for the card.


Complete payment

Click Submit Payment to process the payment on the selected card.


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