Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Rules

Clinical Decision Support Rule or CDS Rule

A CDS rule is a clinical guideline tool to provide clinicians with evidence-based recommendations or alerts at the point of care. CDS rules aim to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient safety, and reduce healthcare costs and medical errors by providing healthcare providers with timely and relevant information, including medication prescribing, diagnostic testing, disease management, preventive care, and treatment planning.

Create a rule

Click Utilities

Screenshot 2024-07-02 121052.png

Within Medication Management, click Manage Favorites

Screenshot 2024-07-02 121413.png

The page will open with Manage CDS Rules expanded by default, where you will see six pre-set CDS rules. Select or deselect as needed.

Click Add New.


Set the rules and click Save to Database.


Using CDS rules

If a patient meets the criteria, a lightbulb icon displays in the patient dashboard under the patient flags and demographics. 
By clicking on the icon, a pop-up will open that shows the details for the CDS rule and any additional details or reference information that was added to the rule.
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