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Loading PDFs within the RXNT workflow is a critical element in accessing core functionality within the RXNT suite of products. For example, you need to be able to load PDFs to see patient receipts, patient clinical encounters, patient statements, and claim forms.

You might notice that the PDFs you need to load are not displaying within the RXNT system. PDF load issues can typically get resolved within minutes following the steps outlined in this article. Don’t panic if you cannot address this issue on your own - our Customer Service Team is standing by to assist.

Open PDFs (Resolves Most Issues)

When you are unable to load a PDF within the RXNT workflow, it is typically related to a browser setting issue. Let’s start by checking your browser settings, as this fix solves 99% of the PDF load issues our Customer Service Team encounters.

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox

First, navigate to Chrome, click the menu icon, and select Settings.

Navigate to Privacy and security and click Site Settings.


Click Additional content settings and select PDF documents.


Make sure the default is selected to Open PDFs in Chrome. If not, go ahead and make that selection.


Take a screenshot of this setting. You may need it later if you cannot troubleshoot this yourself.

Once this is selected, navigate to your RXNT account and confirm if this resolves your issue. If that fixes the problem, you can stop here. Otherwise, move on to the next step.

Clear Browser

Now that we know that Open PDFs in Chrome is on, let’s clean your browser. Extensions, cookies & cache, and outdated browsers can prevent PDFs from loading properly within your workflow.

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox

Removing extensions

Removing Extensions is easy! First, click on Extensions in the Chrome settings.

Select Remove. Repeat this process for each extension.


Clear cookies & cache

To clear your cookies and cache, click on History from within the Chrome settings. Click Clear browsing data and make sure the time range is set to All time, then select the boxes for Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Lastly, click Clear Data.


Update Chrome browser

If your browser is not up to date with the latest version, it can cause significant issues with products running on the Chrome platform.

Navigate to About Chrome. If your browser needs updating, you will see a notification that indicates an update is required. If you are not seeing a notification, click Check for updates.

Click Update to begin the update. When the update completes itself, your browser will restart.


Now that you have removed your extensions cleared your cookies and cache, and updated your browser, navigate to your RXNT account and confirm if your issue is resolved. If the problem is fixed, you can stop here. Otherwise, move on to the next step.

Take a screenshot of these settings. You may need it later if you cannot troubleshoot this yourself


Pop-up Blockers

You’ve cleaned your browser, but you still aren’t able to load PDFs. This might be due to pop-up blockers.

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox

Navigate to Privacy and security in your Chrome settings. Ensure the Don’t allow sites to send pop-ups or use redirects is selected.



Navigate back to the product and see if you are able to load PDFs. If not, proceed to the next step.

Take a screenshot of this setting. You may need it later if you cannot troubleshoot this yourself.

Contact RXNT

At this point, you’ve completed steps 1 - 3 but still are not able to load PDFs within your RXNT. It is time to reach out to RXNT Customer Service. Email support@rxnt.com and attach the screenshots referenced in steps 1 - 3 in your email.

You may copy and paste the text below into your email for your convenience.

Subject: PDF Troubleshooting


I am unable to load PDFs within RXNT. I have followed the instructions in the PDF Not Loading article and attached the screenshots requested.

Please advise on the next steps.

Thank you,

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